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  • Hedgehog
    Brian Runciman MBCS attended the first of a new type of BCS event in October 2015. It covered the very important subject, in line with BCS’s stated aim of making IT good for society, of the problems surrounding IT recruitment and capability.
  • Chain & Bubbles
    Something very exciting is happening on the internet and, depending on whom you ask, it could be as game changing as the internet itself, or as mundane as just another protocol layer on it.
  • Silicon Chips
    Growth engines through history have been enabled by new utilities - electricity, roads and railways, telephones and, for nearly 20 years, the internet. This relatively new utility continues to churn out disruptive technology at an ever-increasing pace.
  • Business Continuity Diagram
    Paul D. Jagger FBCS continues his assessment of information security from the perspective of one of its key principles, that of the availability of information. Here he looks at business continuity management.
  • Butterfly
    Robin Johnson, Maersk Line’s Chief Information Officer, looks at the impact of the speed of change and how digital is shaping IT’s operating model and workforce.

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