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    Ben Fry and David Rigler, from SQS Software Quality Systems explain how businesses can take the pain out of IT change by ensuring the quality of their IT architecture and taking a more agile approach to managing transition.
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    The past decade has seen a drastic shift in how businesses address their infrastructure. Andy Singleton, Director of Project Management, Masergy, explains why businesses that address their network needs now will be the businesses that succeed tomorrow.
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    Agile isn’t just a software development methodology. Lazaro Wolf MBCS from the BCS Agile Methods Specialist Group explains why agile is a useful method for a wide and diverse group of people.
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    In February 2001, a group of 17 unconventional individuals got together to write the agile manifesto, which launched the agile movement.
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    Gus Power has been working in software development for over 15 years and won the Gordon Pask Award in 2009. He runs a software development lab, Energized Work, and has worked on projects for Sky, British Gas and City Index.

Arabian Computer News

Making agile development work
Over recent years, agile has moved from being next practice to best practice for IT professionals, writes Erik Bernsten, Regional Director, Middle East, BCS The Chartered Institute for IT.
Taken from Arabian Computer News (January 2014).

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