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  • Large padlock against a cloudy sky
    They may have left only a brand name for low-end computers now, but it was Compaq who, in an internal document, first used the term cloud computing.
  • Map With Map Pins Stuck In
    Charlotte Walker-Osborn, Commercial Partner and TMT Sector Head, and Nisha Patel, Trainee Solicitor, both of Eversheds LLP, give us an update on cybersecurity.
  • Cooling Towers
    We tend to take electronic communications for granted. Like power and water it’s always there, but although it’s a part of the critical national infrastructure (CNI), this doesn’t mean it can’t or doesn’t fail from time to time says David Sutton.
  • Woman With Hand Blocking Camera Lens
    In an industry filled with controversy, active defence is a particularly controversial topic. It conjures up images of security professionals hacking back at pimply-faced teenagers, taking time out of a busy workday not to defend the fort, but to take revenge on attackers.
  • Pen And Screen
    Hailed as the next big technology trend by vendors and analysts alike, big data is big news. According to IDC, 2.7 zetabytes of digital data exist today. It’s also reported that the data available for analysis is growing at a rate of 2.5 billion gigabytes per day.

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