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  • Paul Taylor
    Despite a large amount of negativity around offshoring software development, Paul Taylor - a change consultant - outlines a simple three step process to allow firms to successfully offshore software development.
  • People Stacking Their Hands On Top Of Each Other
    The link between increased business performance and inclusivity is hard to deny. But to feel the benefits, organisations need to make diversity part of their DNA, writes Martin Cooper AMBCS.
  • Pilots Flying Stunt Planes
    Nicholas D. Evans reveals four strategic technology trends CIOs need to embrace when planning for the year ahead.
  • Donut Stack
    I started managing projects in the early 1970s, as a young operational researcher working for Lyons Bakery. Projects tended to be relatively small dealing with such subjects as market research, production planning and stock control in supermarkets, writes David Reynolds.
  • Cityscape
    IDC surveys companies using IBM Networking Services and finds them achieving significant value and an average of 322% ROI on their investments over five years.

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