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  • City skyline at night
    Robin Mersh, CEO of the Broadband Forum, explains how empowering service providers can help to successfully engineer cloud intelligent networks.
  • Programming Code
    The recent Open Source 2014 conference highlighted the increasing adoption of open source in UK Public Sector. This growing trend should make us all sit up and take notice says Matt Lewis, Solution Architect (IBM).
  • Finger Pressing Touchscreen
    Gartner’s hype-cycle has augmented reality (AR) sliding down into the trough of disillusionment, which means it’s not far from the slope of enlightenment and subsequent productivity. How is AR being used in the enterprise now? Brian Runciman MBCS reports.
  • Cottage By The Sea
    Neil Taggart MBCS, CITP, from the BCS Internet Specialist group, leads a team of developers and support engineers, based all around the world (America, Africa, China, Malaysia and the UK), who build and deploy business execution software.
  • Pair Of Glasses
    The benefits of using agile techniques in a project are becoming more widely understood and accepted. However, most discussions about agile (whichever particular flavour you are using) focus on the engineering (and the project management of that engineering).

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