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  • Nvidia Titan
    Martin Cooper chats with Dr Alastair Donaldson about his recent BCS Roger Needham Award and why parallelism is both difficult to achieve yet essential to technology’s advancement.
  • Health Professional Holding Orb
    BCS Health and Care Group were asked what healthcare might look like in the next twenty to thirty years. John Farenden MBCS CITP, Director of the specialist health and care associate consultancy, Hygeian Consulting, talks us through their predictions.
  • Old Library
    Multimedia Editor Justin Richards recently interviewed this year’s Lovelace Medal winner, Professor Georg Gottlob, who is currently leading an international group on web data extraction and wrangling.
  • Mobile Phone and Coffee
    Existing social media platforms aren’t providing effective political engagement, because they weren’t designed to. BCS has been calling for a purpose-built platform to improve meaningful communication between the public and MPs.
  • Lightbulb Held In Sunlight
    It is widely cited that the IT industry is on a par with the aviation industry for carbon emissions. Experts predict that these emissions will double in the next few years.

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