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  • Prism
    Kevin Cahill FBCS looks at some of the legal implications of the European Court of Justice ruling in the ‘Safe Harbour’ case and at some of the implications for BCS members.
  • Stack Of Buns
    ‘We anticipate bunfights ahead,’ so said the Chair of NHS England’s Accessible Information Standard (AIS) at the first advisory group meeting. Dr Howard Leicester MBCS reports on the current state of accessibility in the UK.
  • Cancer Awareness Ribbon
    Mike Hall MBCS CITP explains how Nataša Pržulj’s BCS Needham Lecture on data mining has led to a potentially ground-breaking research project that could transform prostate cancer diagnosis and treatment.
  • Tablet And Stethoscope
    The NHS remains a British institution which stimulates passionate debate irrespective of party politics. The challenge of providing universal healthcare free at the point of delivery is increasing as people live longer and expect more from the service.
  • Policy Hub
    Data is a story invariably told not in primary colours but in black and white. Or for those that prefer metaphors more subject-specific, digital data is a topic that prompts a response in binary.

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