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    Brian Runciman MBCS spoke to Laura Sharrott, HR Business Partner, and Lisa Lynett, Resourcing Partner at Specsavers, about the issues surrounding IT recruitment, skills planning and capability.
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    What are the wants and needs of digital leaders? Brian Runciman MBCS reports on the fifth year of BCS, The Chartered Institute for IT’s survey to get the views of the digital leader and, in terms of skills, there’s never enough to do the job.
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    John Mitchell, Chair of the BCS Information Risk Management and Assurance Specialist Group, considers the current threat landscape and posits what may have to happen if the cyber defenders are to keep up with the cyber attackers.
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    Brian Runciman MBCS attended the first of a new type of BCS event in October 2015. It covered the very important subject, in line with BCS’s stated aim of making IT good for society, of the problems surrounding IT recruitment and capability.
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    In line with one of the challenges that BCS is taking on, David Evans, Director of Policy, BCS, The Chartered Institute for IT, looks at the future direction of personal data. Can the IT department fix it, or is the problem wider?

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