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  • Person using the internet with fast moving background
    Louise Bennett, Chair of the BCS Security Community of Expertise, attended EuroDIG (European Dialogue on Internet Governance) in June 2015. The theme was ‘Shaping the internet together’.
  • Camera Lens
    Digitally enhanced learning is challenging many aspects of traditional education. Barry G. Blundell FBCS highlights some practical and ethical consequences of recording and streaming lectures.
  • DNA Strands On A Screen
    Leadership means different things to different people and there are lots of different leadership styles. With this in mind Beverley Corcoran MBCS, British Airways IT Learning & Development Manager, considers how we define, develop and grow our leadership skills?
  • Child Using PC
    Claire Davenport, BCS Academy of Computing Education Outreach Manager, details how the academy is helping teachers deal with the change to school’s curriculum with the addition of computing and also looks at the work of a Computing At School (CAS) hub.
  • Robot Arm
    Product innovation can be both an opportunity and a concern for IT companies. Those driving innovation can gain unprecedented market openings, while those trailing can risk disaster.

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