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  • Medical Equipment
    Youth has the worst access of any group to mental health services. Yet there are literally thousands of resources in the digital world alone for mental health. What’s the problem? Brian Runciman MBCS reports.
  • UK flag and BREXIT scrabble letters
    October 2016 saw BCS running its latest IT Impact event ‘Shining the light on post-Brexit Britain’. It emerged that, if anything, the opportunities and issues which have arisen from the recent vote to leave the European Union are those the UK should be addressing anyway.
  • Andy Kinnear
    Andy Kinnear explains why digitisation of the health and social care system is absolutely critical to the future of the NHS and why he’s passionate about establishing professional standards for informatics.
  • Megaphone
    Personal and political views on Brexit aside, the task for BCS is to understand how to plan for a successful digital future outside the EU. David Evans, BCS Director of Policy and Communities, presents some thoughts on what the BCS community could do, and how you can get involved in the conversation.
  • Calculator And Stethoscope
    The latest figures from NHS Monitor indicate that the NHS is on course for a deficit of almost £3bn. Without effective financial planning the cost pressures will grow and services will become out-dated, argues Mark Smith at CACI.

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