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  • Bees In Beehive
    Some argue that cyber systems are complex adaptive systems. Principles from complexity science - inspired by system thinking and natural science - should be explored for use in cyber security to complement the more traditional methods.
  • Hand pushing share button on touch screen
    At the moment it feels like we either choose not to participate in modern life, or submit ourselves to corporate whims and mistakes, says David Evans, Director of Policy & Community at BCS.
  • Person using the internet with fast moving background
    Louise Bennett, Chair of the BCS Security Community of Expertise, attended EuroDIG (European Dialogue on Internet Governance) in June 2015. The theme was ‘Shaping the internet together’.
  • Mine Shaft
    Andy Smith from the BCS Security Community of Expertise examines the security risks of data aggregation and mining.
  • Leopard
    Elke Bachler, Deputy Director of Security & Information at HM Revenue & Customs, talks about the changing face of government security.

Cyber to the Citizen

BCS has launched a new initiative, Cyber to the Citizen, to help people understand how to keep themselves safe online. The initiative is in conjunction with Get Safe Online.

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