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  • Man Looking At Computer Screen
    Irina Baptista and Dr Stavros Shiaeles, both from Plymouth University, discuss why there’s a need for a shift in the way we go about preventing malware.
  • Man Wearing VR Headset
    Mike McLaughlin MBCS, Cyber Security Operations Manager, First Base Technologies, looks at how the cyber skills market is shaping up for 2018 and beyond.
  • Man and Machine Connect
    Aaron Higbee, Co-founder and CTO, PhishMe, discusses the future of phishing defence and asks which side of the fence the future of defence against phishing attacks lies: human or machine?
  • Combination Lock
    David King examines current threats and responses, and looks at the future benefits of investing in a managed detection and response service.
  • Woman Holding Smart Device
    Having worked in the data management industry for nearly two decades, Lilian Smit had noticed that ‘the new data culture’, promised by the introduction of cloud technologies, hasn’t quite taken off to the level promised to the enterprise market.

Blueprint for Cyber Security

Our vision is a world properly protected from cyber threat. This blueprint sets out how we can deliver that solution, starting in health and care.

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