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  • Runner In Start Position
    Terry Greer-King, Director of Cyber-Security, Cisco, suggests that education can be a key component of security as long as it’s combined with better visibility and control.
  • Atlas Greek Statue
    Mark Reeves, SVP International for Entrust, examines the so called ‘facts’ behind the myth that mobile devices are less secure than desktop PCs.
  • Large padlock against a cloudy sky
    They may have left only a brand name for low-end computers now, but it was Compaq who, in an internal document, first used the term cloud computing.
  • Map With Map Pins Stuck In
    Charlotte Walker-Osborn, Commercial Partner and TMT Sector Head, and Nisha Patel, Trainee Solicitor, both of Eversheds LLP, give us an update on cybersecurity.
  • Cooling Towers
    We tend to take electronic communications for granted. Like power and water it’s always there, but although it’s a part of the critical national infrastructure (CNI), this doesn’t mean it can’t or doesn’t fail from time to time says David Sutton.

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