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  • Martial Artists Against City Backdrop
    Graham Titterington examines the many challenges organisations face with IT security.
  • Computer On Desk
    Surprising at it may seem no computer or robot has yet been charged with a crime, let alone convicted, or punished or brought to justice in any other fashion, says Paul Jagger FBCS CITP, Secretary of the BCS Learning and Development Specialist Group.
  • Man Searching For Files
    Data is everywhere. Some of this data is information we voluntarily give away through social media or other online tools, but data is also being generated as a by-product of us simply going about our day to day lives.
  • Data Centre Racks
    Going green is no longer just a public relations decision, but rather a critical choice for ensuring the continuation of a business. Richard Jenkins, Vice President, Marketing & Strategic Partnerships, RF Code, explains why ignoring data centre sustainability affects more than just your business.
  • Man Using Digital Pen On Screen
    The EU’s regulatory planning for cloud computing and data protection is an expanding domain worthy of everyone’s attention. Whether you are pro-EU regulation, or anti, the European Commission is addressing vital solutions to key issues, so says Stephen Meachem.

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