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  • Man Pressing 'Like' Button
    For businesses, social media is becoming an inherent part of their marketing, branding, customer service and recruitment messaging.
  • Program code and computer keyboard
    Java has around nine million developers around the world, making it a huge source of employment and, because of its ‘write once, run anywhere’ philosophy, a flexible language too.
  • Key Dangling from Finger
    Rick Chandler FBCS, from the committee of BCS ELITE, asks whether the internet needs a new economic model.
  • Smartphone apps
    The numbers are huge: 1,000,000 apps on the Apple store was passed in late 2013, with over 60 billion individual apps downloaded.
  • Toolbox
    Wayne Cleghorn, MBCS, data privacy and information security consultant and lawyer examines the key tools for effective personal data breach response.

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