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  • Digital Fingerprint
    Steve Daniels FBCS CITP, Strategic Business Advisor for Cyber Security in CGI UK, looks at the best practices for secure cyber development now being adopted.
  • Young People Cliff Jumping
    John Mitchell, Chair of the BCS Information Risk Management and Assurance Specialist Group, looks at the issues surrounding the collecting, storing and use of data.
  • Smartwatch
    The iWatch may soon be a huge success and make in-roads into all corners of our lives. But what have wearables done so far? Brian Runciman MBCS reports.
  • Man Watching CCTV Monitors
    While there were a number of prominent security incidents in 2014, there were undoubtedly more than those reported, says Nic Oatridge MBCS.
  • Martial Artists Against City Backdrop
    Graham Titterington examines the many challenges organisations face with IT security.

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