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  • The only constant in cyber security is its volatility. In 2013 81 per cent of large corporations reported a cyber security breach, but where are we in 2015? Brian Runciman MBCS reports.
  • Car Driving Through Desert
    Alan Freeland FBCS CITP, who has worked extensively in the Middle East, explains some of the ethical issues that arise from doing business in other parts of the world.
  • Horizon
    The popular view of the internet of things (IoT), insofar as it has penetrated the public awareness, seems to veer between utopian visions of robot-chauffeured cars and 24/7 health monitoring to a fear that we may be sleepwalking into Orwell’s 1984, albeit 30 years late.
  • Hand Holding EU Flag
    The Identity Assurance Working Group has been making inputs on cybersecurity and internet identity assurance to the UK and UN Internet Governance Forum (IGF) on behalf of BCS for the last four years. Louise Bennett FBCS reports.
  • Retro Telephone Receiver
    Eversheds LLP’s Head of Tech, Media and Telecoms, Charlotte Walker-Osborn, speaks to Eversheds’ Litigation and Dispute Resolution Partner, James Hyde, and Associate Neil Jackson about a recent case where the court considered who should bear the cost when hackers strike.

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