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  • Child In Womans Shoes
    Jos Creese MBCS, discusses how the role of IT is changing and suggests that the profession, as a whole, must keep up with these changes for the sake of business and society in general.
  • Crowd Linking Hands
    Stephen A. Roberts and Bruce Laurie, both from the School of Computing and Technology at the University of West London, immerse themselves in the sometimes murky world of project management.
  • People Playing Rock Guitars
    Sixty per cent of projects fail due to poor communication, scope creep, lacking risk control, cost miscalculations, loss of strategic interest or sabotage. With this in mind Dr Stefan Bertschi and Gandin Hornemann discuss how stakeholder sabotage can be identified and lead to recovery.
  • Skyscrapers
    Sab Saini MBCS and Gagan Gandhi CITP look at the need of standardisation of architecture description in the IT space in general and the challenges that the infrastructure architecture domain faces in achieving that.
  • Files for deleting
    Dr David Miller FBCS, management consultant and Managing Director of ITDYNAMICS, discusses the benefits of having an automated IT service management system supporting active management.

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