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  • Watson IBM Topper
    Martin Borrett FBCS introduces Martin Cooper AMBCS to IBM Watson, for cyber security, and explains how augmented intelligence is helping cyber security experts to operate more effectively on the front line.
  • Wall Street Bull Statue
    Nadia Abouayoub MBCS, from the BCS AISG, reveals why the finance industry’s growth and the evolution of its ever more complex products are increasingly reliant on AI.
  • Cityscape At Night
    Dr Richard Piggin MBCS, from design, engineering and project management consultancy Atkins, considers future city security, given urbanisation, technology trends and increasingly sophisticated cyberattacks targeting critical infrastructure.
  • IT Professionals In A Server Room
    Gerry Wolf explains how the simplicity and power theory of artificial intelligence may help solve problems in computing.
  • Cityscape Bird's Eye View
    Claire Agutter, chief architect for VeriSM, a service management trainer, consultant and author, tells Martin Cooper AMBCS about how and why VeriSM was created.

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