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  • Young People Having Meeting
    The Agile Manifesto was written in 2001 and agile methods have seen widespread adoption since then. Many organisations have implemented agile methods in their software development departments.
  • Crates and a loading vehicle
    Robert Limbrey MBCS explains how driving an efficient, resilient IT supply chain can improve an organisation’s standing on the global stage.
  • Planet Covered By Communications Net
    Bruce Laurie and Stephen A. Roberts, University of West London, School of Computing and Technology, discuss the challenges and opportunities inherent in having an IT strategy in an ever changing world.
  • Ong Jemel In Tunisia
    With a Fortune 500 CEO ousted and a Hollywood movie held hostage, cyber-security is very much on the minds of chief executives in 2015. With this in mind Guarav Banga, co-founder and CEO, Bromium, asks: How can a massive organisation with complex systems and networks prevent itself from becoming the next Target or Sony? Is there any hope?
  • Data Graph
    According to the IBM ‘Systems Journal’ it was in 1996 that digital storage became more cost-effective for keeping data than paper. But the use and benefits of big data are now far beyond costs benefits.

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