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    Data has become more valuable than ever before and as a global community we’re creating more of it than previous generations. A jaw-dropping 90 per cent of the world’s data was generated in the last two years alone.
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    Agile development has become more common place in industry today, which can have an impact on the way testing is delivered. The question then is how do you create your strategic plan and how can you ensure your strategy is not only effective but also manages risk appropriately?
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    More than ever, organisations are using digital technologies as a driver to transform their business. Either their business model has been disrupted by new technologies or they have an opportunity to extend their market, or reduce costs, using digital technologies such as cloud.
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    Adopting TickITplus will make compliance to different management system standards a lot simpler because of the way it is structured, it is designed around integrated management systems.
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    Five to ten years ago, many organisations did not have a desktop strategy at all - a desktop was simply an end-user device, provided based on need and budget. However, business has changed and so have most organisation’s IT strategies.

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