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  • Circle Of People
    Brandt Dainow, an independent web analyst and doctoral student at the National University of Ireland Maynooth, posits the view that ethics should not just be considered after a product is finished, but should be integral to its very creation.
  • Person Typing On Laptop
    Penny Pullan CEng MBCS takes a look at virtual leadership. How can you get the best out of virtual work and virtual teams? (Hint: it’s not just about technology!).
  • Stormy Sky
    Andy Smith FBCS considers the use of cloud services and the sometimes false sense of security that they can give to those that take them on as part of their organisation’s normal day-to-day operations.
  • Lightbulb On Top Of Money
    BCS Multimedia Editor, Justin Richards interviews Rana Bhattacharya, Chief Architect for Retail and Digital, Nationwide, about his career and his current work at Nationwide.
  • Young People In Business Meeting
    Jude Umeh MBCS considers how technology entrepreneurs and start-ups should best approach the difficult task of balancing IP protection vs. commercialisation considerations in the dynamic, financial and geo-political landscape of today.

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