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    We all know the stock answer to the question: what is your organisation’s greatest asset? Our pavlovian response is ‘our people’. But in the digital age we had better actually believe it, writes Adam Thilthorpe, Director for Professionalism at BCS.
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    Reports of ‘failed’ or ‘challenged’ information systems (IS) projects are all too common. We have adopted new initiatives to try to improve things, and seen the introduction of new roles such as enterprise architects and new methods such as Scrum. And yet, the failures just seem to keep coming - only with ever-increasing price tags.
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    Does your IT team need to change to fulfil the requirements of your business? IT costs are increasing as a percentage of revenue and operation expenses and, at a time when many organisations see themselves as technology companies, IT costs are set to further increase.
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    Christopher Middup MBCS, an associate academic at the University of Derby (UDOL), and Alexander Borg, a consultant at the Malta Information Technology Agency (MITA), discuss the state of smart specialisation in the United Kingdom.
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    Bob Mellor MBCS explains how data centres are set to become the differentiator between companies that are simply capable, and those who excel.

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