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  • Tangled Toy Rats
    IT systems are global, becoming ever more social and are (at least in part) driven by big data. The IT market has shifted into true converged tech and corporate heavyweights who would have been unlikely bed-fellows in years gone by are cosying up to corner markets.
  • London Skyline
    One of the ways in which companies can grow is to join an accelerator. Toby Kress runs the London Accelerator. He spoke to Henry Tucker MBCS about it.
  • Woman Using Laptop Outdoors
    Jonathan Kini, Enterprise Marketing Director, Vodafone, examines the state of flexible working in the UK today, the role that technology has played in its widespread adoption and how this technology will drive changes in the British workplace in the years to come.
  • Young People Enjoying Party
    If cybersecurity-related issues pose one of the greatest threats to corporate reputation over the coming years, it is critical to understand not only the risks, and how to mitigate them, but also where the opportunities in corporate reputation building lie.
  • Businessman Looking at Lightbulb On Blackboard
    January 2014 saw BCS, The Chartered Institute for IT produce its first State of Play report on business intelligence (BI). What’s changed for 2015? Brian Runciman MBCS reports.

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