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  • Forensics
    Sam De Silva FBCS provides an overview of some practical guidance, from a legal perspective, concerning responding to cyber-attacks.
  • Skull And Crossbones
    Once your files are encrypted, and the ransomware demand has been received, there are three choices: re-install your complete system from scratch, restore from a recent backup, or pay-up.
  • Cityscape
    IDC surveys companies using IBM Networking Services and finds them achieving significant value and an average of 322% ROI on their investments over five years.
  • Cityscape
    This IBM paper explores the cloud-era technologies that are driving the move to SDN, the implications for the enterprise, and the exceptional business benefits when SDN is deployed holistically as part of a software defined environment (SDE).
  • Cityscape
    IDC explores what drives buyers of managed services in the world of hybrid IT and considers some of the critical elements of service that providers must be able to deliver.

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