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  • DevOps Vs. ITIL
    Over the past 25 years IT service management has evolved into a set of well-defined processes and procedures, with most of the industry adopting ITIL; the IT Infrastructure Library developed on behalf of the UK government.
  • Pen And Screen
    Hailed as the next big technology trend by vendors and analysts alike, big data is big news. According to IDC, 2.7 zetabytes of digital data exist today. It’s also reported that the data available for analysis is growing at a rate of 2.5 billion gigabytes per day.
  • Business People Standing In An Office
    How many project managers does it take to send a tweet? The technology world has changed massively in recent years, but how much has project management changed and how have project managers changed the way they work?
  • Business People Having Tug Of War
    The term strong PMO is traditionally used to describe a model where the project or programme management office is deeply embedded in an organisation and acts as the central guiding authority on how programmes and their projects are to be managed.
  • Businessman using phone and laptop in park
    People like their own devices. They've usually chosen them for themselves, perhaps after extensive comparisons. That's one reason why many organisations have been following the bring-your-own-device (BYOD) route. But, as Brian Runciman MBCS explains, that is evolving.

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