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  • Capability Diagram
    Whether we call what BCS does IT, ICT, IS, CS or another set of letters, we are here to make it good for society. In May 2016 David Evans, BCS Policy and Community Director introduced an event showing BCS’s aim of getting views from all corners on ensuring that IT contributes to the social good.
  • Code Of Ethics Words
    Justice is indispensable to institutional ethics and leadership success. In the context of corporate social responsibility (CSR), codes of ethics are the primary tool for corporate standards of behaviour. Not all stakeholders, however, are covered by individual codes of ethics.
  • Spade And Wrench
    Gary Lloyd MBCS CITP reports on why change needs gardeners not mechanics to deliver usable value, following recent research.
  • Monkey
    What’s the biggest use of computers today? Page retrieval via the world wide web? Social media? Big data analytics? No. It’s something much more mundane, but also more fundamental: business transactions running on enterprise systems.
  • Knight Chess Piece
    Steve Burrows and Jon G. Hall, Chair and Immediate Past Chair of BCS Effective Leadership in IT Group (ELITE), discuss if IT strategy is more about problem solving than about the adoption of new technologies.

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