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  • Man Looking At Computer Screen
    Irina Baptista and Dr Stavros Shiaeles, both from Plymouth University, discuss why there’s a need for a shift in the way we go about preventing malware.
  • Man Wearing VR Headset
    Mike McLaughlin MBCS, Cyber Security Operations Manager, First Base Technologies, looks at how the cyber skills market is shaping up for 2018 and beyond.
  • Young Women Using Tech
    If progress is to be made, and new technology built, the IT skills gap needs to be met. Grant Powell AMBCS RITTech explores the new Digital IT Apprenticeship, revealing how it can help young people and business prepare for tomorrow.
  • Wolf Eye
    Charles Ross, from the Brain Mind Forum and Real Time Club, shares some words of caution regarding our technology-filled futures.
  • Data Centre
    Dave Davies CEng MBCS, Enterprise Architect at Hewlett Packard Enterprise, gives a high level explanation of memory-driven computing, describes some first proofs of concept and explores potential use cases for this technology.

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