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  • Laptop on a garden bench
    In February 2001, a group of 17 unconventional individuals got together to write the agile manifesto, which launched the agile movement.
  • Program code and computer keyboard
    Java has around nine million developers around the world, making it a huge source of employment and, because of its ‘write once, run anywhere’ philosophy, a flexible language too.
  • Smartphone apps
    The numbers are huge: 1,000,000 apps on the Apple store was passed in late 2013, with over 60 billion individual apps downloaded.
  • Business People Pointing At Pie Chart
    In the first of a new series of reports Brian Runciman MBCS looks at business intelligence, which links to a fuller report that covers the perspectives of business, the software and architecture view, real world applications, a look into the future and a overview of the marketing and health sectors.
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  • South Park: The Stick of Truth (1)
    If ever there was going to be a game that would cause controversy then it would have to be a South Park one. Having played it, I would have to say that this is one for South Park fans only.
  • The Lego Movie (1)
    Anyone who has ever heard me talk about games and games of films will know that I generally avoid them more than a plague of plague-ridden things with a long stick for poking barges. However, when it comes to Lego games that isn’t the case.
  • Any Landing (1)
    Games such as Microsoft’s Flight Simulator are icons of gaming. That and others like it prided themselves on their accuracy and for being so lifelike that they have even been used to train pilots. In contrast to this is Any Landing where, as the name suggests, as long as you get some of the plane down on the ground that’s a success!
  • Lego Marvel Super Heroes (1)
    Having spent many an hour ridding Gotham of criminals, now you can extend your super hero activity wider with SHIELD and all the characters from the Marvel universe.