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  • Human And Computer Hands
    The second in a series of four articles on the implications of the convergence of computing, biogenetics and cognitive neuroscience by Charles Ross and Max Jamilly looks at communication between the brain and computers and how this can expand human abilities.
  • Woman Holding Tablet Device
    Paula Dowdy - SVP, Cloud, Software and Managed Services at Cisco - explains the work that they are doing with Connected Women and its potential best practice application.
  • Car Driving Fast At Night
    David Bird asks, when it comes to the internet of things, is it a security car crash waiting to happen?
  • M67 Training Grenades
    As collaboration in the cloud continues to grow, there is a unique opportunity to solve a big challenge that affects today’s workers. Andrew Filev, CEO and Founder, Wrike, explains.
  • Man programming code on a computer monitor
    The language of software development has seeped into the everyday business lexicon. Indeed organisations of all sorts, far beyond ‘pure’ IT, need to pay attention to software development. Brian Runciman MBCS reports.

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