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  • Cyclists Racing
    Lycra-clad Tom Denwood, Executive Director at the Health and Social Care Information Centre and BCS Health Vice Chair (Policy and Strategy), examines the cycling, the health and wellbeing apps phenomenon.
  • Data Graph
    According to the IBM ‘Systems Journal’ it was in 1996 that digital storage became more cost-effective for keeping data than paper. But the use and benefits of big data are now far beyond costs benefits.
  • Group Sat Talking
    Philippa Hale MBCS, Director & Senior Consultant at Open Limits, asks: what is collaboration, what stops it and how can we make it happen?
  • Banana Skin
    Communication is a cornerstone of a great strategy; done well it will deliver the desired message and reduce any anxiety that may exist; done poorly and resistance to change will increase and performance may be affected.
  • Man Holding Graphic Showing Data Connectivity
    In this information age in which we live we have yet to arrive at authentic information management. With this in mind Dr C. James Bacon discusses information from a holistic point of view, namely the total information resource.

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