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  • Silver Surfers
    Ever wondered how many of the older adults accept and use online social networks such as, Facebook, LinkedIn, or Twitter? Jyoti Choudrie FBCS and Amit Vyas at the University of Hertfordshire Business School wondered the same thing and found that adoption is wider than they expected.
  • Smartphone apps
    The numbers are huge: 1,000,000 apps on the Apple store was passed in late 2013, with over 60 billion individual apps downloaded.
  • Business People Pointing At Pie Chart
    In the first of a new series of reports Brian Runciman MBCS looks at business intelligence, which links to a fuller report that covers the perspectives of business, the software and architecture view, real world applications, a look into the future and a overview of the marketing and health sectors.
  • Cloud
    Cloud is a word on many people’s lips, from marketers to IT managers, the buzz the concept is creating is largely positive. However, as with most trends, especially those in the technology arena, there are also potential downsides to adopting the cloud says Mike England, Content Director, Imago Techmedia.
  • Grady Booch, Chief Scientist for Software Engineering at IBM Research spoke to Henry Tucker MBCS about his 2013 Lovelace lecture, how software has spread to so many areas of modern life, computing the brain, the internet of things and whether software creation is art or science.

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