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  • Pen on tablet PC
    Busy year? Having trouble catching up? Check out the best of BCS’s State of Play reports 2014. Brian Runciman MBCS summarises.
  • Robot And Human Shake Hands
    Robots o­ffer a unique insight into what people want from technology. They also pose serious questions about ethics and regulation of identity and the internet of things.
  • People Using Smart Devices
    Technology is at its heart and responsible for keeping all departments running. Jonathan Hallatt, Regional Director of UKISA, Netgear, examines the recent changes in the IT ecosystem and asks what will be the main ‘knock-on’ effects of BYOD on your day-to-day business.
  • Mobile Phones
    Employees are increasingly using wireless devices in their daily business life. It’s part of an unstoppable wave of change, which is radically affecting the structure of our IT networks.
  • Smart home device
    Cisco believes will have 50 billion devices connected to the internet of things (IoT) by 2020. The popular view seems to veer between visions of beneficial 24/7 health monitoring to a fear that we may be sleepwalking into Orwell’s 1984.

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