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  • IT Professionals In A Server Room
    Gerry Wolf explains how the simplicity and power theory of artificial intelligence may help solve problems in computing.
  • Dinosaur
    In BCS’s member-sourced ‘ideas for good’ campaign, Dave Brooks channels Jeff Goldblum’s character from Jurassic Park. He says, with the Institute’s stated goal of making IT good for society in mind,‘we need to ask why.
  • Face In The Shadows
    The list of potential dangers for our children as they navigate the complexities of digital life, and its crossover and connections with ‘real’ life, are long. How can we help them? How can we engage them in the conversation?
  • Teacher And Children
    Martin Cooper AMBCS RITTech recently spoke to Beverly Clarke, author of a brand new book, and indispensable teaching resource, Computer Science Teacher. Beverly spoke about her career to date, her passion for teaching and the thinking behind her book.
  • Computer Lights And Switches
    Paul D Jagger FBCS explains what registered charity Archives of IT is all about and how he thinks it will inspire the next generation to launch their own careers in computing.

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