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  • Motorway
    The UK is a land of plenty, says Tom Fuller, Head of IT Planning & Engagement at Waitrose, so why not look outside of London for a great tech career?
  • Cancer Awareness Ribbon
    Mike Hall MBCS CITP explains how Nataša Pržulj’s BCS Needham Lecture on data mining has led to a potentially ground-breaking research project that could transform prostate cancer diagnosis and treatment.
  • Man Writing On Glass Wall
    Julian Fletcher MBCS provides an overview of how business analysis techniques can be applied to ensure online learning materials provide a cost-effective and efficient means to deliver the training an organisation’s staff need to know about their products, processes and regulations.
  • Business Process Graphic
    Dr Janet Cole MBCS, Nick Fernando MBCS and Dr Chris Littlewood of the BCS Business Change Specialist Group discuss why organisations need process learning hubs.
  • Business Students
    Sara Galloway, Senior BA for NHS Blood & Transplant, discusses how organisations only really learn when they are given a nurturing environment where they can learn by making mistakes.

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