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  • Soldier
    Augmented reality is a buzzword at the moment and the commercial world is already running full steam ahead with the technology. With that in mind, Judy Bloxham, Jisc RSC Northwest, explores how augmented reality is making a difference to the learning process.
  • Woman Typing On PC Keyboard Wearing Headphones
    Digital Technology Business Analyst, Vijay Nair, discusses commercial e-learning sectors and then explains how by applying COBIT 5 principles organisations can help improve overall business.
  • Man wearing Google Glasses
    By 2020 there could be heads-up displays (HUDs) in over nine million cars. Brian Runciman MBCS looks at some of the impacts of HUDs and Google Glass.
  • Catherine Jones
    My eight year old daughter Natasha is currently teaching her grandmother how to use an iPad. Technology is everywhere and a big part of everyday life now. It’s second nature to most children, but the older generation are having to learn how to use it.
  • Poppie Simmonds
    Poppie Simmonds is 19 years old. Originally from Leicestershire, she is currently studying Computer Science at the University of Birmingham.

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