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  • Updates to any operating system, whether that is a mobile, desktop, server, or something else, like an IoT device, are normally full of lots of things which make no sense to those who use them, so should you bother? Christopher East, from the Internet Specialist Group has the answer.
  • In a previous article, Lanre Oyewole looked at how some metaphors can be used to understand the engineering of software (services). Of the five elements listed below, he’d introduced the first four. In this article Lanre discusses the significance of the principle of service within the business lifecycle.
  • I have written about this topic many times in the past, and the same questions keep on reappearing. How can I keep my passwords safe? What is a secure password? Is it safe to write them down? How am I meant to remember a different password for each account? Etc., etc.
  • David Evans
    In recent weeks, the general public have seen hospitals turning away ambulances and airport terminals grinding to a halt because of confusing and murky ‘IT’ issues. The explanations for these events are increasingly unsatisfactory, if taken through the eyes of the general public.
  • Lanre Oyewole, a member of the BCS Internet Specialist Group, shares his thoughts and ideas on engineering services for business.
  • Dominic Myers, a senior UX developer at Arcus Global, explores ways in which static HTML tables might be enhanced.
  • Anuradha Udunuwara, of the BCS Internet Specialist Group, asks: can we program everything in a Telco environment?
  • Christopher East, from BCS Internet Specialist Group, discusses sound issues in a perfection obsessed multi-media society.
  • Anuradha Udunuwara, MBCS looks at the challenges of providing security for the internet of things (IoT), using the ITU-T Y.2060 as a starting point.
  • Dominic Myers, a senior UX developer at Arcus Global, describes an evidenced rapid prototyping approach for JavaScript development.

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