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  • Lanre Oyewole, a member of the BCS Internet Specialist Group, shares his thoughts and ideas on engineering services for business.
  • Dominic Myers, a senior UX developer at Arcus Global, explores ways in which static HTML tables might be enhanced.
  • Anuradha Udunuwara, of the BCS Internet Specialist Group, asks: can we program everything in a Telco environment?
  • Christopher East, from BCS Internet Specialist Group, discusses sound issues in a perfection obsessed multi-media society.
  • Anuradha Udunuwara, MBCS looks at the challenges of providing security for the internet of things (IoT), using the ITU-T Y.2060 as a starting point.
  • Dominic Myers, a senior UX developer at Arcus Global, describes an evidenced rapid prototyping approach for JavaScript development.
  • Barely a day passes when there is no fresh news of another data breach. In the digital age information is like money and therefore worth stealing. It now matters when information that is valuable is handled without due care as it can be spread around the world to large numbers of people with ease.
  • Jude Umeh Blog Avatar
    The next instalment of one of my favourite conferences on copyright and technology is right around the corner, on January 24 in NYC, and as usual it promises some interesting: debate, controversy and hot-off-the-press insights into the murky world of copyright business, technology, and legislation.
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    A few weeks ago I had the opportunity to participate, as chair & speaker, at a BCS Entrepreneurs event discussing the role and value of Intellectual Property for start-ups and entrepreneurs. As you might imagine this was a well attended event with so many different questions foremost on the minds of various attendees.
  • Jude Umeh Blog Avatar
    When it comes to tech entrepreneurship, a good intellectual property (IP) strategy will often play a critical role in the difference between unbridled success versus failure-inducing infringement lawsuits.

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