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  • For four days at the end of September, writes Richard Lester, BCS was at ‘New Scientist Live’ in London, flying the flag for the IT and digital stars across science, technology and engineering - the people who make modern life possible and future dreams a reality.
  • Anuradha Udunuwara explains the differences between the terms ‘automation’ and ‘orchestration’ to help alleviate some of the recent confusion that’s been seen in the telecom arena.
  • Kavita Kapoor MBCS explains why she thinks India needs easy access to the BBC Micro:bit.
  • Christopher East, MBCS takes us through some simple steps to help protect your network.
  • SSL; Christopher East asks do you need it; what does it do; and how does it help?
  • Neo Technology’s CEO Emil Eifrem discusses the unique technology that helped make The Panama Papers exposé possible, and how it could help your business ‘follow the money’.
  • Dominic Myers, a senior UX developer at Arcus Global, gives a brief introduction to destructing in ES6.
  • Anuradha Udunuwara, from the BCS Internet Specialist Group, discusses the increasingly common conversion of Telco networks to platforms.
  • Dominic Myers, a senior UX developer at Arcus Global, outlines some benefits of sharing your knowledge and enthusiasm with young coders.
  • Updates to any operating system, whether that is a mobile, desktop, server, or something else, like an IoT device, are normally full of lots of things which make no sense to those who use them, so should you bother? Christopher East, from the Internet Specialist Group has the answer.

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