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  • Updates to any operating system, whether that is a mobile, desktop, server, or something else, like an IoT device, are normally full of lots of things which make no sense to those who use them, so should you bother? Christopher East, from the Internet Specialist Group has the answer.
  • To say that the first tranche of BCS members’ feedback on our new ‘Computing ideas for a better society’ project reflects variety would be an understatement.
  • Max Mazonowicz
    By now you might have read Lisa’s “T Rex or UX?” blog. If you haven’t head over there now to read a bit about how we’ve approached rebuilding the BCS member area. I’m going to expand on that somewhat and give just a little more detail on what you can expect when we launch the new MyBCS later in July.
  • As you read this, teachers are transforming computing education in secondary schools right across England. The progress they have made is just short of miraculous, testament to their professionalism and commitment, writes Bill Mitchell, Director, BCS Academy of Computing.
  • Toby Leheup MBCS sent in some interesting thoughts on BCS’s ‘computing ideas for good’ project. Here, she has written a guest blogpost on her thoughts.
  • Chris Yapp Blog Avatar
    A riled Chris Yapp gazes at the hype surrounding AI and suggests that the headline writer’s vision of 2050 may be completely and utterly wrong.
  • In a previous article, Lanre Oyewole looked at how some metaphors can be used to understand the engineering of software (services). Of the five elements listed below, he’d introduced the first four. In this article Lanre discusses the significance of the principle of service within the business lifecycle.
  • It’s easy to get stuck in the Jurassic age, to not evolve but you know what happened to the T Rex - extinction. And that’s what we all need to avoid and we think user experience is critical. Let me introduce myself - my name is Lisa, I work as an Innovation Manager here at BCS and I’m part of a team responsible for improving BCS membership product and services.
  • I have written about this topic many times in the past, and the same questions keep on reappearing. How can I keep my passwords safe? What is a secure password? Is it safe to write them down? How am I meant to remember a different password for each account? Etc., etc.
  • Chris Yapp Blog Avatar
    Chris Yapp explores the interplay between politics and technology, and casts his eye forward to BCS’ 70th anniversary and the 2027 UK general election

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