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  • Hassan Mohamed, a London-based analyst specialised in financial operations and credit management, explains how business analysis can shape the outcome of any decision making.
  • Letitia Fearon and Seb Rose explain behaviour driven development (BDD) and how it can help to create leadership at all levels of an organisation.
  • Having worked in the data management industry for nearly two decades, Lilian Smit had noticed that ‘the new data culture’, promised by the introduction of cloud technologies, hasn’t quite taken off to the level promised to the enterprise market.
  • Is someone listening to your private conversations using your smart TV? Are criminals controlling your fridge? Or are DDoS attacks stopping you accessing the internet? Claire Woollacott from Actica Consulting, asks: What are you going to do about it?
  • Robin Oldham, Head of Security Consulting Practice, BAE Systems, discusses what questions should be asked and what can be done to help protect businesses from cyber-attacks via a third party supplier network.
  • Kylie Fowler, founder and principal consultant of ITAM Intelligence, discusses building a truly pro-active IT asset management service.
  • David Slight FBCS explains how, by focusing on project outcomes, and driving them forwards as quickly and efficiently as possible, all stakeholders will reap the benefits and get to live in their future visions sooner.
  • It is widely cited that the IT industry is on a par with the aviation industry for carbon emissions. Experts predict that these emissions will double in the next few years.
  • Margaret Ajibode, Managing Director of Obatec, shares her thoughts on the need to manage the inevitable world of digital transformation in your arena.
  • Frazer Jamieson MBCS lifts the lid on a relatively new trend, namely that of serverless architecture, which is gaining in momentum, particularly in the SME space.

Arabian Computer News

Business analysis: the catalyst for business change
The business analyst is emerging as a force for change, bridging the traditional gap between IT and business, writes Erik Bernsten, Regional Director, Middle East, BCS The Chartered Institute for IT.
Taken from Arabian Computer News (November 2013).