BCS AGM 2014

The results of the elections to Council and the results of the Resolutions

Election of Honorary Officers

From the close of the 2014 AGM until the close of the 2015 AGM:

  • BCS President and Chair of the Trustee Board
    Professor Liz Bacon CEng CSci FBCS CITP
  • BCS Deputy President and Deputy Chair of Trustee Board
    Mr Jos Creese FBCS

From the close of the 2014 AGM until the close of the 2017 AGM:

  • Vice-President and Chair, Academy of Computing
    Professor Jeff Magee FBCS
  • Vice-President, Academy of Computing
    Professor James Davenport FBCS CITP
  • Vice-President, Policy and Public Affairs Board
    Mrs Rebecca George OBE FBCS CITP
  • Vice-President, Professionalism Board
    Mr Paul Martynenko FBCS
  • Vice-President, Trustee Director BCS Learning & Development Limited
    Professor Jim Norton FREng CEng FBCS CITP

The results of the election of members of Council

The following members were deemed to be elected (candidates listed in alphabetical order):    

By the Professional Membership:
Cornelia Boldyreff
Roger Johnson
Margaret Ross
Colin Smythe

Gerald Fisher will fill a casual vacancy caused at the end of the AGM until 2015 AGM. Kurt Roosen will fill any further casual vacancy from the Professional Membership caused from the close of 2014 AGM to the close of 2015 AGM, and to complete the term of office of that member who caused the vacancy.

By the Regional Constituency:
Ip-Shing Fan
Helen Fletcher

By the Specialist Group:
James McCafferty
John Mitchell

By the International Constituency:
Desmond Alvares
Paul Burton

By the YPG Constituency:
Tom Crick (YPG Chair)
Dan Copleston
Simin Kamali

Results of the Resolutions from the 2014 AGM

On a poll, the Ordinary Resolution 1 - Appointment of the Auditors to the Institute was carried by:
For: 2779 (96.80%)                  
Against: 92 (03.20%)

On a poll, the Ordinary Resolution 2 - Subscriptions payable from 1 May 2014 was carried by:
For:  2478 (87.16%)               
Against: 365 (12.84%)

Amendments to the Bye-laws and Members’ Regulations proposed by the Trustee Board in Special Resolutions 1-5

Special Resolution 1 - Amendment to Bye-law 18 (b) to align the Bye-law with certain Disciplinary Regulations.

For:  2776 (97.57%)
Against: 69 (02.43%)

Special Resolution 2 - Amendment to Bye-law 40 to make the position of Chair of Council an ex-officio member of Trustee board.

For: 2679 (94.63%)    
Against: 152 (05.37%)

Special Resolution 3 - Amendment to Bye-law 43 (d) (iv) clarifies that a Trustee who is guilty of dishonourable or unprofessional conduct or who breaches the Laws of the Society can be removed from their office by a Disciplinary Committee.

For: 2820 (97.44%)
Against: 74 (02.56%)

Special Resolution 4 - Amendment to Bye-law 48 (b) to remove ex-officio membership of Council from the past President who preceded the immediate past President.

For: 2698 (95.44%)
Against: 129 (04.56%)

Special Resolution 5 - Amendments to Members’ Regulations 1.1 and 2.3.1 to amend the seats reserved for members of council on Trustee board from five to four.  The number of council members on Trustee Board would remain constant.

For: 2636 (93.41%)                          
Against: 186 (06.59%)

Amendments to the Members’ Regulations proposed by a Professional Member of the Institute and opposed by the Trustee Board in Special Resolutions 6-9

Special Resolution 6 - Amendment to Members’ Regulation 1.6.4.

For: 569 (21.31%) 
Against: 2101 (78.69%)

Special Resolution 7 - Amendments to Members’ Regulation 3.2 to stop the Chief Executive from being an ex officio member of the Nominations Committee.

For: 727 (26.17%)   
Against: 2051 (73.83%)

Special Resolution 8 - Amendment to Members’ Regulation 3.2 to require the independent industry leaders elected to Nominations Committee to be Professional Members of the Institute.

For: 821 (29.15%)    
Against: 1995 (70.85%)

Special Resolution 9 - Amendment to Members’ Regulation 3.3 to remove the right for the Chief Executive to contribute in a non-voting capacity to Nominations Committee proceedings in relation to appointing a new Chief Executive.


Addition to Members’ Regulation 3.3 to allow Council to nominate three additional candidates where the Nominations Committee has nominated one candidate for Vice-President

For: 769 (27.60%)
Against: 2017 (72.40%)

Elections to Council by the Professional Membership

Member group elections to Council

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