BCS USA Section

The BCS USA Section was formed in February 2004.

Registered address:
British Computer Society USA Section, Inc.
1201 Orange Street
Suite 600
Delaware 19801

If you would like to contact the Section directly, you may do so at: USASection@bcs.org.uk.

Latest articles

  • Man with Tablet
    Alex Krasodomski-Jones, from Demos, tells Martin Cooper AMBCS about how the think-tank's work with BCS is helping politicians shape public policy through gleaning insights from social media.
  • Digital Image of Brain
    Dr. Guruduth Banavar is VP of Cognitive Computing at IBM Research and will be delivering the 2017 BCS/IET Turing Lecture. Martin Cooper AMBCS explores Dr Banavar's career, how machine learning works and why Dr Banavar believes Turing remains as relevant as ever.

Latest blog posts

  • The microservices architecture style took the enterprise software world by storm in the past few years, writes Chamal Nanayakkara.
  • A recent discussion on the BCS Voices site has been tackling whether re-skilling staff is better than recruiting – and, to confess, it was me that started the conversation and I like slightly contentious, perhaps over-confidently definitive, titles. Hence: ‘Reskilling is better than recruiting...’