Chartered Scientist (CSci)

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Recognising high levels of professionalism and competence in science, achieving CSci status through BCS allows scientists working in IT to get the recognition they deserve.

Licensed by the Science Council, BCS provides an established route to achieving Chartered Scientist (CSci) status. If you have the ability to deal with complex issues and communicate their conclusions to a range of audiences, show originality in problem solving, and substantial autonomy in planning and implementing tasks through a commitment to CPD, then you could be eligible.

Member case study - CSci (PDF)

You’ll need to be a BCS member at Professional (MBCS) grade or above, and you must be working in IT - please use the links below for more detail on the assessment criteria and application process.

Please note that mandatory annual revalidation is required in order to retain CSci status. How to revalidate for CSci


I’d always felt technology scientists got a raw deal in terms of recognition and standing, in contrast with white coat scientists... my CSci status demonstrates independent verification of professional ability, together with evidence of a continued commitment to personal development.
Dr Stefan Fafinski

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