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  • Medical Professionals Checking Results
    Dr. Daniel J. Thomas CSci CEng FBCS paints a picture of how augmented reality, artificial intelligence and other cutting edge technologies can save lives and possibly the NHS too.
  • NHS Hackathon Website
    Dr Marcus Baw, a locum prison GP and a passionate proponent of digital health tells Martin Cooper AMBCS why NHS hackathons are solving real-world problems.
  • Cyclist Wearing Smart Device
    Captured data can help shine new light on illness. Sir Harry Burns warned a Glasgow gathering of informatics professionals that they might need to look elsewhere for answers about how to really change lives and society.
  • Andy Kinnear
    Andy Kinnear explains why digitisation of the health and social care system is absolutely critical to the future of the NHS and why he’s passionate about establishing professional standards for informatics.
  • Connected Health Cities
    Learning health systems promise huge health and care advantages for citizens and clinicians alike. Niels Peek tells Martin Cooper AMBCS about how northern cities are embracing the technology.