ITQ - The flexible IT qualification

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The BCS ITQ is a range of IT user qualifications made up of a combination of units available on the ITQ framework.

The framework consists of a wide range of units covering all aspects of IT user application including word processing, spreadsheets, the internet, multimedia software and design software.

  • Nationally recognised IT user qualifications
    ITQs cover all aspects of IT user skills and ensure that everyone benefits from IT.
  • Developed with employers
    The content of the ITQ units has been developed with employers to ensure it is relevant to the real world and meets the needs of employers.
    Our coverage of ITQs includes the popular ECDL qualifications, exclusive to BCS. ECDL ITQs are the most popular qualifications on the framework, and focus on improving learners’ understanding of computers whilst promoting efficient use of software.
Qualifications Builder

Qualifications BuilderBCS qualifications have launched an exciting, innovative tool for our centres to simplify the creation of ITQ programmes. This tool allows centres to browse the full range of ITQ units available and select combinations of units to build their tailored ITQ. Find out more

Qualification withdrawal
Please note that following a review of our qualifications portfolio, we will be withdrawing some of our qualifications between now and December 2018. Please click on the link below for information on the full list of qualifications that we are withdrawing. If you have any questions regarding the qualifications that are being withdrawn, then we are happy to discuss it with you. Full contact details can also be found by clicking the link.
Changes to our qualifications portfolio

This is a United Kingdom government regulated qualification which is administered and approved by one or more of the following: Ofqual, Qualification in Wales or SQA.