About flexible ITQs

ITQ sizes and levels

ITQs are available in various sizes and levels to meet your needs. The sizes are determined by the number of credits achieved within the qualifications, and are named Award, Certificate and Diploma. The levels represent the qualification difficulty, and are named level 1, level 2 and level 3.


Each qualification is achieved by meeting the minimum number of credits and other criteria as defined in the rules of combination for each qualification. Credits are accumulated as a learner completes each unit, and each unit has its own credit value based on the number of learning hours required, where 10 hours represents 1 credit.

ITQ units

A broad range of ITQ units is available to build a qualification; units cover all aspects of IT user skills, including productivity tools like spreadsheets, databases and project management software. Also covered are topics such as IT security for users, and units on finding and exchanging information using email, the internet, and mobile IT devices.

Rules of combination

Each size and level of ITQ qualification has its own rules of combination, and within each of these qualifications you are able to pick and chose ITQ units at varying levels to meet different needs.

Recommended combinations

With so many units, levels and sizes to choose from, where do you start?  To help we offer some recommended combinations.

Qualification withdrawal
Please note that following a review of our qualifications portfolio, we will be withdrawing some of our qualifications between now and December 2018. Please click on the link below for information on the full list of qualifications that we are withdrawing. If you have any questions regarding the qualifications that are being withdrawn, then we are happy to discuss it with you. Full contact details can also be found by clicking the link.
Changes to our qualifications portfolio

Qualification builder

Coming soon

To help you create a tailored ITQ, we are creating an innovative tool which will guide you through building the qualification you want.

Qualification builder (ITQ calculator)