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  • Circle Of People
    Brandt Dainow, an independent web analyst and doctoral student at the National University of Ireland Maynooth, posits the view that ethics should not just be considered after a product is finished, but should be integral to its very creation.
  • Stormy Sky
    Andy Smith FBCS considers the use of cloud services and the sometimes false sense of security that they can give to those that take them on as part of their organisation’s normal day-to-day operations.
  • Young People In Business Meeting
    Jude Umeh MBCS considers how technology entrepreneurs and start-ups should best approach the difficult task of balancing IP protection vs. commercialisation considerations in the dynamic, financial and geo-political landscape of today.
  • Business Thought Processes
    Knowledge is power and everybody aspires to power to some degree. Peter Lewinton MBCS, KLipcorp IP, explores how intellectual property has evolved over time and the importance of allocating resources to protect intellectual property in the digital age.
  • Under Surveillance
    Vijayaratnam Ganeshkumar FBCS,, considers the brave new world that we find ourselves in, where having an open, trusting society also comes with a darker caveat, that of nations guilty of higher levels of surveillance than most of us are comfortable with...

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