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  • Cloud Planning
    Phil Symons MBCS discusses the more subtle trade-offs that typically crop up when an organisation decides to go down the cloud route.
  • Knight Chess Piece
    Steve Burrows and Jon G. Hall, Chair and Immediate Past Chair of BCS Effective Leadership in IT Group (ELITE), discuss if IT strategy is more about problem solving than about the adoption of new technologies.
  • School Children Using Laptop
    Alastair Wilcox, an independent consultant to construction companies and UK Government agencies, shares his strategic approach to IT infrastructure in new school buildings.
  • Bluetit Bird
    Bob Crooks MBCS, MBE, Chair of the BCS Green IT Specialist Group, reflects on the impacts of our increasing dependency on ICT and digital services in our daily lives.
  • Man Writing On Glass Wall
    Julian Fletcher MBCS provides an overview of how business analysis techniques can be applied to ensure online learning materials provide a cost-effective and efficient means to deliver the training an organisation’s staff need to know about their products, processes and regulations.

Digital Leaders 2016

Digital Leaders 2016Digital Leaders is written by IT professionals for IT professionals to help them influence their organisations away from using outdated practices, structures, reward systems and governance models to a more cutting edge world, but without disenfranchising people or communities.

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