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  • Trading Index
    There are no second places in trading, especially in the incredibly fast-paced landscape of high frequency and algorithmic trading as Gareth Richardson, Managing Director, Custom Connect UK, explains.
  • Cottage By The Sea
    Neil Taggart MBCS, CITP, from the BCS Internet Specialist group, leads a team of developers and support engineers, based all around the world (America, Africa, China, Malaysia and the UK), who build and deploy business execution software.
  • Three Young Men Playing Videogame
    With the so called ‘Facebook generation’ now joining the workforce, gamified processes could be an important element of reward and recognition initiatives for organisations of all sizes.
  • Mountaineer Using Laptop
    The term remote working (or flexible working) covers the concept of working in places other than your office. It can be used to mean working on the go, for example out and about on a mobile, or from a client’s office, the employee’s home office or in a satellite office.
  • Volcano
    In principle, document retention should be a straightforward part of a responsible information management plan: you work out what you want or need to keep, archive it securely and destroy it in line with national guidelines.

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Digital Leaders The role of the IT professional is changing. The future stars will be the hybrid IT professionals who understand different technologies, can spot those that will be disruptive, and make it all count for the organisations in which they work.

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