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  • Business People Using Smartphones
    The way people work is changing fast - and competitive companies need to keep up. On site and remote employees alike rely on conferencing, multimedia, and instant messaging to get their jobs done.
  • DevOps Vs. ITIL
    Over the past 25 years IT service management has evolved into a set of well-defined processes and procedures, with most of the industry adopting ITIL; the IT Infrastructure Library developed on behalf of the UK government.
  • Large padlock against a cloudy sky
    They may have left only a brand name for low-end computers now, but it was Compaq who, in an internal document, first used the term cloud computing.
  • Software Icons
    While subscription-based software licencing has many merits, it’s not the panacea many enterprises assume. Peter Prestele, VP & General Manager EMEA, Flexera Software, explains why subscription-based licensing won’t take your licence compliance worries away.
  • Programming Language Code
    Dr Geoffrey Sharman FBCS CITP, Chair, BCS Advanced Programming Specialist Group, sums up the current trends in programming and developing applications.

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Digital Leaders The role of the IT professional is changing. The future stars will be the hybrid IT professionals who understand different technologies, can spot those that will be disruptive, and make it all count for the organisations in which they work.

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