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  • People like their own devices. They've usually chosen them for themselves, perhaps after extensive comparisons. That's one reason why many organisations have been following the bring-your-own-device (BYOD) route. But, as Brian Runciman MBCS explains, that is evolving.
  • Zahid Jiwa, VP UK&I OutSystems UK, sums up the scale of the IT skills shortage, with a particular focus on how organisations can take positive steps to cope with a lack of application development talent.
  • Daljit Roy Banger FBCS CITP provides a brief introduction to considerations for those organisations looking to develop third-party offshore capabilities.
  • Sourcing decisions are critical if CIOs are to deliver the most efficient and effective services to their enterprises. Elizabeth Sparrow, past BCS President, highlights recent developments and trends, considers the need for a sound sourcing strategy and looks at how best to manage supplier relationships both onshore and offshore.
  • Dr Hannah Dee, University of Aberystwth, examines the current gender gap in the IT industry and asks whether we should be worried for the future of our profession.
  • Organisations invest in enterprise resource planning (ERP) systems as a way of making their operation more efficient. But as Sarah Kirk, MD of Optimum Technology Transfer, a specialist end-user training consultancy, points out any system, however complex and powerful, is only a tool.
  • Mark McCusker, Chair of the British Assistive Technology Association (BATA) and CEO of Texthelp, discusses how one organisation has taken positive steps to support employees with dyslexia, one of the more common hidden disabilities.
  • While they all might look the same at first sight, PaaS offerings vary greatly across the board, so it’s important to recognise the main differences and choose accordingly. With this in mind Sacha Labourey, CEO, CloudBees, details four important factors to consider during your PaaS decision-making process.
  • For good reasons, ITIL has become the de facto standard for IT service management (ITSM), but as IT consultant Nic Oatridge MBCS explains there’s a lot more to the effective implementation of end-to-end ITSM than signing up to ITIL.
  • Steve Ingall, Head of Consultancy, iCore, shares some of his observations on the future of IT and particularly IT service management where the model is increasingly moving to one that involves buying an ‘engine room’, but always retaining the ‘control room’.

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Digital Leaders (P2 Securing the cloud)Digital Leaders is written by IT professionals for IT professionals to help them influence their organisations away from using outdated practices, structures, reward systems and governance models to a more cutting edge world, but without disenfranchising people or communities.


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