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  • In a post Enron and Barings world, the way we work has changed significantly, and nowhere is this more apparent than in the audit and control arena. However, whilst the security landscape may have altered, necessity dictates that it is still essential to have system 'super users'.
  • Shaun Walsh, Vice President of Corporate Marketing, Emulex, reports on an intelligent network recording fabric provides a comprehensive view of network threats with line-speed and searchable network packet recording capabilities.
  • Technology is not static and in the last 40 years we have moved from mainframe computers running single batch programs to cloud computing. Our risks have changed and so have our control paradigms.
  • The past decade has seen a drastic shift in how businesses address their infrastructure. Andy Singleton, Director of Project Management, Masergy, explains why businesses that address their network needs now will be the businesses that succeed tomorrow.
  • Ben Fry and David Rigler, from SQS Software Quality Systems explain how businesses can take the pain out of IT change by ensuring the quality of their IT architecture and taking a more agile approach to managing transition.
  • All businesses are to some extent IT businesses. Almost any organisation’s ability to supply products or services depends on IT capability, so effective control of IT systems is crucial. This is where IT service management (ITSM) comes in.
  • It is imperative for a business that wants to progress to have a positive learning culture. Learning needs to be fast, responsive and very much in line with a business’s changing objectives.
  • Denis Edgar-Nevill, Chair, BCS Cybercrime Forensics Specialist Group, delves into the murky world of cybercrime, and reveals some of the history behind it and highlights a number of the more recent developments that have emerged to help both industry and individuals to win the war against this modern day scourge.
  • Your company may be growing rapidly, placing extra demand for development on your IT organisation or your programme may be changing because it is either late or moving into a critical development phase.
  • In February 2001, a group of 17 unconventional individuals got together to write the agile manifesto, which launched the agile movement.

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