Who we are

BCS, The Chartered Institute for IT, champions the global IT profession and the interests of the individuals in it, for the benefit of all.

Five people in a business environment


Through the Academy of Computing, events and BCS’s specialist and regional groups, the Institute fosters links between industry experts, academia and IT professionals.


The principle of professionalism in IT underpins all of the Institute’s work as we aim to shape a truly professional IT sector. To support this we have such things as the professional IT maturity model. Individuals members contribute to this by signing up to BCS’s Code of Conduct.

The Institute also collaborates with government, industry and relevant bodies to establish good, best and next working practice, codes of conduct, skills frameworks and common standards. We also offer a range of consultancy services to organisations to help employers adopt best practice.


BCS is your Institute. We want to support IT professionals
 as you shape the future of the industry, and employers
 through training and professional development services. Academics can benefit from BCS’s cohesive community that includes scholars, researchers and professionals; all committed to the advancement of computing.

At BCS, students can develop skills and gain experience for your future career in IT. And we can provide the knowledge, support and guidance you need to create a solid foundation for your future career.