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  • Businessmen Studying Printouts
    Since 1987, when ISO published its first series of ISO 9000 quality management standards, more than one million organisations in 178 countries have achieved ISO 9001.

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  • Just as with getting tattoos or removing them, (hint: both equally painful experiences), the furore over a recent European Court of Justice (ECJ) ruling on the Right To Be Forgotten, (aka #RTBF), appears to be one that will hurt regardless of which end of the ruling you support.

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Back of headA tale from TSG's Head of Solutions Delivery, who recently found himself with an overly trendy and definitely too-short haircut.

His latest visit left him with a harsh reminder that sometimes, even if you ask for the same service from the same provider, you’re not necessarily going to get what you expected, or indeed explicitly asked for.

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