Demonstrate your professional capability

When you are meeting exceptional standards in IT, you want your customers and the wider industry to know about it. We can make sure they do.

If you need to formally validate your professional capability to meet the needs of your clients or want to ensure your development programmes are based on industry leading standards our validation can help you to differentiate your organisation from the competition.

'Chartered IT Professional status is a great way to demonstrate the quality of our consultants.'
Colin Brown, General Manager, Microsoft Services

Microsoft Services case study

Validation of competence

Microsoft Consulting Services partners with BCS to award Chartered IT Professional status for its consultants.
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‘Independent validation of our scheme from BCS, across the UK and now India, reassures us that we are meeting industry best practice and provides our professional development scheme with greater standing’
Fiona Salmon, Professional Development Programme Coordinator, Allianz

Allianz case study

External recognition for Allianz

For five years running, Allianz Insurance Plc has achieved BCS accreditation for its IT professional development programme.
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