The Euro-Inf Quality Labels

The Euro-Inf Quality Labels are awarded to degree programmes at Bachelor’s and Master’s level that comply with the Euro-Inf framework standards and accreditation criteria.

The objectives of the Euro-Inf Quality Labels are:

  • To enhance quality and transparency of educational programmes in informatics
  • To provide information on study programmes across Europe through an appropriate label for accredited educational programmes in informatics
  • To facilitate mutual transnational recognition of qualifications
  • To increase mobility of students

A number of degree programmes across a variety of countries have now been awarded the Euro-Inf quality labels.

Accreditation of informatics degree programmes

The Euro-Inf Quality Labels are owned by the European Quality Assurance Network for Informatics Education (EQANIE). EQANIE is a non-profit association seeking to enhance evaluation and quality assurance of informatics study programmes and education in Europe.

BCS, The Chartered Institute for IT has been appointed as an authorised agency by EQANIE to award the Euro-Inf Bachelor and Euro-Inf Master Quality Labels for degree programmes offered in the UK. We are able to award the quality labels to informatics degrees that have been assessed as meeting in part or in full the academic requirements for CITP and/or CEng/CSci registration. This includes Bachelors with Honours (for the Euro-Inf Bachelor Label) and specialist MSc programmes (for the Euro-Inf Master Label), but does not include generalist MSc programmes. Integrated Master's programmes are eligible for both the Euro-Inf Bachelor and Euro-Inf Master Label. Our agreement with EQANIE demonstrates that the BCS criteria for the accreditation of UK informatics degree programmes meet the standards set out in the Euro-Inf framework. Institutions that are successful in applying for the Euro-Inf Quality Labels for their programmes will receive an EQANIE accreditation certificate from BCS and will be able to use the Euro-Inf seals.

Applying for the Euro-Inf Quality Labels

As well as the BCS Educational Affiliate Member & Accredited Degree logos, Higher Education Institutions will receive the Euro-Inf Bachelor and / or Euro-Inf Master seals to further promote the status of their accredited Informatics degree(s).

Institutions may apply for the Quality Labels for some or all of their eligible degree programmes and the Quality Labels can be issued to any informatics degree programme accredited by BCS since October 2008. Bachelors with Honours programmes that have been accredited for CITP and/or CEng/CSci are eligible for the award of the Euro-Inf Bachelor Quality Label (first cycle degree). Specialist Master’s programmes are eligible for the award of the Euro-Inf Master Quality Label (Second cycle degree) and Integrated Master's programmes accredited for CITP and CITP Further Learning are eligible for both the Euro-Inf Bachelor and Euro-Inf Master Label (first and second cycle degrees).

Accreditation periods may be checked using the BCS website course search facility at Please note that the awarding of Euro-Inf Quality Labels cannot be backdated beyond the current accreditation period and only programmes awarded initial accreditation of one year (pending the output of a minimum of three graduates) or the maximum period of five years’ accreditation will be eligible.

EQANIE charges a fee per programme for the award of the Quality Labels, which covers the duration of the current accreditation period. The fee is €300 per programme. EQANIE has advised that where an EU-recipient of this service indicates their VAT number, EQANIE will be able to apply the reverse charge procedure, so HEIs wishing to have the VAT exempted should supply the VAT number to BCS. Guidance on how to calculate per programme fees for EQANIE.

Full details of the Euro-Inf Quality Labels are available on the EQANIE website.

Applications are likely to fall into one of two categories:

  1. Retrospective award of Euro-Inf Quality Labels - for programmes accredited by BCS since October 2008. Please write to the BCS Education Team at stating the programme title(s), mode(s) of study and programme length which you wish to be considered.
  2. Consideration of programmes to be reviewed at a forthcoming BCS Accreditation Visit - HEIs are asked to submit a course list prior to the visit to indicate the levels of accreditation to be sought. This form now includes a column relating to the Euro-Inf Bachelor and Master Quality Labels. If you have already completed this form and sent it to us prior to introduction of the Awards, please contact the Education Team at the email address above, so it can be included in your application.