Digital Leader coaching programme

Whether you want to increase the business value of your IT function, or your influence as a CxO - our Digital Leader coaching programme will support you in developing your capability and operating confidently at the top table.

The programme

Our coaching programme follows a four-stage process over six months with a focus on identifying and developing the skills you need to be successful within your organisation and the broader IT industry.

Stage 1   Your coach works closely with you to develop a clear understanding of the context in which you operate - e.g. corporate objectives, politics, resources, time constraints etc.
Stage 2   Together you agree the objectives of your coaching programme as well as a plan to achieve them.
Stage 3   Your coach sets you assignments to help you achieve your objectives and desired outcomes
Stage 4   Together you review the progress of your assignments and whether you are achieving your objectives.

Stages 3 and 4 are repeated as necessary, as the programme progresses.
Stage 2 may also be revisited if objectives need to change or the plan needs revision.

Ade McCormack

About our coach

Ade McCormack is an advisor on the digital economy and a judge on the annual CIO 100 awards.

If you would like to accelerate your journey to becoming a genuine digital leader then contact us to discuss your specific requirements.