A new standard for IT technicians

RITTech is an essential tool for ambitious IT technicians. Provided by BCS, The Chartered Institute for IT, the Professional Registration of IT Technicians (RITTech) will be a recognised benchmark of standing within the IT industry; allowing employers to recognise and develop ambitious professionals with a specific ability and a determination to bring more.

Not all IT Technicians will be eligible for RITTech and they will need to demonstrate that a certain skillset has been achieved. By registering, and displaying that you have gained RITTech status, you’ll have the potential to be identified by employers as a technician with the skills and confidence to succeed.

See what the first registered technicians think about it:

If you can demonstrate that you have:

  • a core understanding of IT
  • technical competence in at least one area, that we measure against
  • signed up to a professional code of conduct

then you may be eligible for RITTech.

This is not a qualification - it is professional recognition of being able to do a technically skilled job in IT well. The level is equivalent to technician certifications in other professions.

View an outline of the RITTech standard