BCS Certificate in Computer Science Teaching

Confident Teacher

The qualification designed to create confident teachers of the computing curriculum.

You don’t need a Computer Science degree to be a great computer science teacher.

The new BCS Certificate in Computer Science Teaching has been specially designed to be accessible for teachers from all backgrounds.

This certificate is for teachers who want to make a difference to learning in their classrooms. Develop your skills as a Computing teacher, receive recognition of your competence and your commitment to your professional development.

There are no books to read or lectures to attend. The certificate is based round experiential learning, or learning by doing. It recognises that every teacher is working in a different context and the evidence that you present will be dependent on the environment in which you are teaching.

The certificate is made up of three parts which can be completed independently and in any order, giving you flexibility to make this work with and support your day-to-day teaching.

For more information:
Email: teachingcertificate@bcs.uk
Telephone: +44 (0) 1793 417445