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Professional recognition, development opportunities, career guidance and support - we've got the tools and advice you need.

You want recognition for your experience and expertise.
By using the post-nominal letters you receive you can let current and prospective employers know that you’re dedicated to your profession and live by the code of conduct. Use of our logo on your personal blog, email signature, stationery, etc can also demonstrate your commitment to your profession.

'Our professional body plays a valuable role in many ways. It raises the profile of the industry and provides a focal point for IT professionals.'
Dr Stefan Fafinski CSci CEng FBCS CITP

You want to learn from the best. Or you are the best and want to share your knowledge.
Our 75,000+ members cover the full spectrum of the profession, as shown by over 50 Specialist Groups you can join. We have some of the top players from the profession that contribute to local meetings, centrally run events, and online discussions and blogs.

'Being able to meet with peers in the specialist groups where we can share and learn best practices or alternative approaches is tremendously useful.'
Richard Atkinson MBCS CITP

You want to discuss and debate with your peers, or just listen.
Wherever you are in your career there will be other members with you. You’ll have the chance to meet them face to face at your local branch, and engage with them online - to ask questions, answer questions, or just listen to the debate.

You want to get on in your career, earn more money, gain more respect.
Our CPD (Continuing Professional Development) advice and tools will help you progress through your career, with material and advice available for you at every stage. You’ll have access to our full range of online libraries with a wealth of industry reports, books, white papers and data.

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