BCS Health

BCS Health was formed to cover all aspects of informatics in support of health, a sector of particular relevance and importance to BCS.

BCS Health provides leadership in this sector, acting as a source of professionally recognised expertise, under-pinning the outward-facing role of BCS, and ensuring that contributors to Health Informatics are recognised and respected.

BCS Health purpose and objectives

BCS Interoperability Guidance for Health and Care Networks
BCS issues interoperability guidelines for health and care providers.
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Building Capability, Contacts and Cut-through for Entrepreneurs
Make a real change in 2015 at Healthtech Startup School.
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Professional Records Standards Body
Terence Stephenson Justin Richards, Multimedia Editor, BCS, The Chartered Institute for IT, recently spoke to four key supporters of the Professional Records Standards Body (PRSB), about the importance of this relatively new professional body and why it is so unique. Watch the PRSB interviews


New vision for the Health Informatics Profession
Care.data and Information Governance

Innovation in Health Informatics

Innovation in Health InformaticsThe Journal of Innovation in Health Informatics (formerly Informatics in Primary Care) is the open access house journal of BCS Health. It publishes high-quality research papers, literature reviews and letters from both researchers and practitioners in the fields of social care, health and clinical informatics. Its focus is on informatics research from the front lines of health care and how informatics can support innovation in health and health care.

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