Our role and purpose

BCS is a professional body, a learned society, a nominated body, an awarding body and a registered charity.

Professional body
BCS represents its members and the IT profession as a whole on issues of importance, and liaises with other professional bodies, the government, industry and academics to initiate and inform debate on IT strategic issues. BCS maintains relationships and affiliations with an extensive range of professional and government organisations.
Learned society
BCS is governed by a Royal Charter, which defines our purpose: to promote the study and practice of Computing and to advance knowledge and education for the benefit of the public. Our Charter enables us to admit qualified members. Without our members, we would be unable to undertake many of our charitable activities to promote IT at all levels.
Nominated body
BCS is licensed by the Engineering Council to award Chartered Engineer status (CEng) and Incorporated Engineer status (IEng). The Institute also has a licence from the Science Council to award Chartered Scientist status (CSci). These licences come with a responsibility to maintain standards and comply with strict conditions.
Awarding body
BCS accredits individual professional competence and integrity through our range of professional qualifications, and through the award of Chartered Engineering, Science and IT Professional statuses. We also offer a range of user qualifications to help develop computing skills in society as a whole, and inspect and accredit a range of university courses and company training schemes.
Registered charity
BCS is also a registered charity, and has to comply with standards set out by the Charity Commission and Charities Bill.