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  • Man with Tablet
    Alex Krasodomski-Jones, from Demos, tells Martin Cooper AMBCS about how the think-tank's work with BCS is helping politicians shape public policy through gleaning insights from social media.
  • Digital Image of Brain
    Dr. Guruduth Banavar is VP of Cognitive Computing at IBM Research and will be delivering the 2017 BCS/IET Turing Lecture. Martin Cooper AMBCS explores Dr Banavar's career, how machine learning works and why Dr Banavar believes Turing remains as relevant as ever.
  • Chris Pallett
    Fake news, high profile hacks and suggestions that foreign powers influenced recent US elections. Chris Pallett FBCS, Managing Director of Bespoke Computing, wonders where the internet is heading next.
  • Software Development
    Stephen J Pratt FBCS wonders whether successes in the field of information technology might lead the tech industry into complacency and repetition as opposed to reaching for new creative heights.
  • Forensics
    Sam De Silva FBCS provides an overview of some practical guidance, from a legal perspective, concerning responding to cyber-attacks.
  • Skull And Crossbones
    Once your files are encrypted, and the ransomware demand has been received, there are three choices: re-install your complete system from scratch, restore from a recent backup, or pay-up.

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