BCS Organisational Membership

BCS Organisational Membership provides support for your IT team. It raises the level of professionalism within a team and provides them access to engagement activities, skills and knowledge from which they can learn. It can also give them a sense of being valued, increasing their personal commitment to their employer.

We are committed to making IT good for society by giving IT professionals a voice on the important issues and empowering them to drive a positive change in the industry. We are a trusted, powerful and positive reference point for the IT sector within wider society.

The three core pillars of our drive to make IT good for society are:

  • Excellence - We equip IT practitioners for success through qualifications, certifications, CPD tools and so on - to drive excellence in the IT sector
  • Leadership - We debate IT and the impact it has on society - tackling difficult issues, giving informed points of view, and being a truly independent voice in the field of IT.
  • Community - We galvanise our communities to create a positive impact in IT and the wider world.

BCS Organisational Membership allows you and your business to be part of the IT revolution by delivering benefits to your organisation to ensure you’re showing best practice and driving positive impact. A partnership with us will also support your organisation and IT staff by:

  • Raising professional IT standards through the BCS Code of Conduct, Membership and Qualifications
  • Allow organisations and employees to connect with each other through networking events, local branches and specialist groups
  • Access over 250 eBooks, industry reports, blogs, podcasts and video information
  • Access to CPD tools and resources to grow and develop employees
  • Mentoring scheme to support career development