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A forum for the fundamental physical foundations of computation & information since 1986.

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New Events / Meetings

The Cybernetic Machine Specialist Group AGM will take place on Tuesday 7 February at BCS London.

CMSG and the Brain Mind Forum of the Real Time Club are in the process of organising a program of World Renowned speakers on two positive key aspects of computing of importance to our whole community. The date, time and venue are to be confirmed.
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Premise and Mission statement

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Updated 1 October 2010

Is the Group's Mission realized by the universal nilpotent computational rewrite system as defined in Rowlands' World Scientific 2007 book 'Zero to Infinity'? Will this rewrite system provide all the algebraic language and 3D geometric descriptions of the actual physical world? As is already the case for Standard Model elementary particle physics and the DNA/RNA genetic code, so as to explain 'How the laws of physics are rewritten as the laws of life?'. Join us on the exciting on-going investigations of these fundamental questions.