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Testing Standards

The Testing Standards Working Party is a volunteer group of SIGiST members and others, devoted to the development of new software testing standards. Their work has now been incorporated into the work of the ISO working party group on software testing standards.


Agendas for past conferences are only available via the 'The Tester' magazine.

Date Event Title
14 Mar 2017
SIGiST Spring Conference: 'Thinking about Testing'
9 Feb 2017
Northern Lights
Joint event between BCS SIGiST and BCS West Yorkshire Branch
7 Dec 2016
SIGiST Winter Conference: Challenge Yourself!
15 Sep 2016 SIGiST Autumn Conference: Testing - it's Fundamental and it's changing
9 Jun 2016
SIGiST Summer Conference: IT's for all
27 Apr 2016
Northern Lights
15 Mar 2016
SIGiST Spring Conference: Be lean, communicate well, push your effectiveness
2 Dec 2015
SIGiST Winter Conference
15 Sep 2015
SIGiST Autumn Conference
5 Jun 2015
SIGiST Summer Conference
4 Mar 2015
SIGiST Spring Conference


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Forthcoming conference

The next conference will be held on Tuesday 14 March 2017 in London.