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  • As roles evolve and are expected to include multiple capabilities, organisations need to be equipped to support their staff by ensuring existing skills are developed.
  • Linda Johnston
    Can you afford not to take these issues seriously?
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    Let us know if one of our books could help with your CPD planning for next year, and you might win it in our latest competition.
  • Pile of books
    IT service management specialist, Colin Rudd
  • Why is a structured approach important?
  • Jude Umeh Blog Avatar
    The above titled event, which I attended in November, was just one in a month-long series of high profile launch events for the UK's Connected Digital Economy Catapult (aka Digital Catapult Centre). As you might imagine this event was designed to bring together the right mix of entrepreneurs, digital start-ups, academics and financiers for a day of insightful presentations, conversations and networking about the UK digital economy.
  • I like frameworks, there is no question they are useful in assisting and providing much needed 'wisdom' and 'guidance' in delivering solutions and improving processes. However...
  • As human error seems to be at the root of many a security breach, should organisations be doing more to ensure their workforce is super cyber-savvy?
  • Pile of books
    ‘Turns out meeting new people is a lot more complicated than I’d originally thought.’ Maurice Moss
  • Pile of books
    UAT training specialist, Pauline van Goethem

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