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    The kind of expectation you get from buying a new car seems not to apply to new software installations.
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    Recently I participated in a video discussion with Stuart Rance and Barclay Rae as to whether or not Incident management had any value to an organisation.
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    When I joined the computing industry (supply side) back in 1980, life was reasonably straight forward (on one level at least). You were either in mainframes or minicomputers. Those pesky toy personal computers arrived shortly afterwards.
  • Over the last couple of years I have been very fortunate to be able to witness, first hand, the efforts that are going on around the world to support innovation in IT and the associated digital creative arts, writes Kurt Roosen FBCS.
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    Organisations often have their own variants of the Balanced Business Scorecard (BBS), reflecting aspects of the organisation that are particularly important and that need to be monitored.
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    An illustration of one instance in which information was accessed or used inappropriately.
  • A term used again and again where service levels cannot be agreed is ‘reasonable endeavours’. ITIL expert Simon Cook MBCS CITP asks what it means.
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    You don’t have to be in charge to be a leader. You can demonstrate leadership skills at any level.
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    You know that you are getting a little bit long in the tooth when you have worked in IT development, operations and moved back and forth a few times. It helps to open your eyes to the world and understand a little behind the reasons we do things or not!
  • I was delighted to deliver one of the keynotes at the recent BCS Leaders for Change breakfast event, writes Ade McCormack. In this post I would like to bring out the key personal development points associated with my presentation, which focused on how the world is changing and its impact on the world of work and workers.

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