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    Translating the impact of IT innovation in a business context requires more than strong technical awareness. To really make the most of innovation, IT leaders must understand the aims and objectives of their c-suite peers.
  • Chris Yapp Blog Avatar
    It is over 20 years ago that the first call was made for the UK to roll out a universal fibre network as a backbone for the 21st century economy. Today, as far as FTTH is concerned the UK doesn’t appear anywhere on the international statistics.
  • David Evans
    The announcement in the Queen’s speech that we will see a bill with a new obligation for a minimum 10Mbps service for everyone sounds good. The details will need to emerge, but a great many BCS members who live beyond big cities will welcome this; ask any such group of members about this topic and prepare for a lengthy rant!
  • One sign of becoming a proper grown-up is finding more and more things worse than being bored. Project Eye was recently chatting about a recent PROMS-G talk on the new PRINCE2 agile guidelines. The other party to the conversation, who had not been at the talk, confessed that they found the topic of standards ‘boring’.
  • Dr Philip Scott, Chair, BCS Health Programme Committee, reports from the recent e-Health week that BCS co-sponsors.
  • Paul German and Matt Hunt
    As Headteacher at Wyvern College secondary school for boys, I am reminded daily what immense privilege I have in educating other people’s children. My first priority is to equip our boys with the skills and tools they need to prosper in the future.
  • Woman smiling
    If you were to design your organisation today with a blank piece of paper and no inheritance, would you include an IT department on your plans? Come to think of it, would you include an HR department, a finance team or any other of the support silos that act as the foundation of many of our large organisations?
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    Fifteen years ago the IT Director for whom I worked semi-jokingly described himself as the Director of Gross Margin. He was, as was so common at the time, from a finance background. Technology in an organisation was a potentially unlimited cost to be managed.
  • David Evans
    David Evans looks at the excruciating dilemma in a broken data system.
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    It is a conceit of most generations that we are living in a time of unparallelled change, and it’s also quite possibly true. The Radio Age, the Television Age, the Space Age... and now we find ourselves in the Digital Age. As Gartner have described, there is a nexus of technological forces at play with mobile, social, cloud and information all having an individual and combined impact.

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