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  • Jude Umeh Blog Avatar
    In line with my previous theme of intellectual property (IP) and the digital economy, this post looks at a recent Position Statement which I helped draft for BCS, The Chartered Institute for IT.
  • John Morris Blog Avatar
    Last week I was speaking at the Data Surgery run by the BCS Data Management Special interest Group and obviously took the chance to drop in on some of the other sessions.
  • Chris Yapp Blog Avatar
    There has been much talk about autonomous machines in the last year, not least that of autonomous cars. The arrival of significant machine intelligence is widely discussed. I’m interested in thinking about this from the human perspective and look at what the limits of acceptability may be when technologies impact on human autonomy.
  • Business Analysis is an imperative tool for the success of any business and can be applied to any field. Having always had an analytical mind, I was pleased to land in a field that satisfies my inquisitive nature and matches my personality.
  • A lot of BA’s I’ve met focus on getting into the detail. What’s the problem? What are the artefacts I need to produce? Who do I need to speak to? What does the business do?
  • My career as a Business Analyst started because I loved solving problems. I worked in a team that fixed customer data problems and I was curious about root causes.
  • The Scottish referendum is over! It’s been a long process and one which has held a number of surprises – at least to some of our politicians, writes Jos Creese.
  • Jude Umeh Blog Avatar
    That was one of several key observations from an IoT event at the BCS Chartered Institute of IT. Others include a warning about internet of fake things as well as the critical role that you, the user, must play in order to ensure things don’t get out of hand, so to speak. Read on to find out more...
  • Karen Manning
    Win a set of books every aspiring BA should have on their shelves!
  • Serial BCS author, James Cadle

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