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  • Robina Chatham, Research Associate, Leading Edge Forum explains why raw technical and project management skills aren’t the only facets needed to ensure project success. Rather, human qualities are also essential
  • Investing in our education system and in capability are the keys to ensuring Brexit means a bright future, says Bill Mitchell - Director of Education at BCS
  • When the new Computing Curriculum came into effect in 2014, it was a much-needed revision. While the ICT Curriculum contained plenty of practical skills, much of it was also very outdated. But the challenge was not small - if ICT was like learning to drive a car, the new Computing Curriculum was akin to learning how to build one!
  • Brian Runciman
    BCS has been polling its members for their views on Brexit. And, through our new lens of Making IT good for society, have produced a discussion document on how the UK should plan for a successful digital future outside the EU - coming soon!
  • Helen Marks
    As police forces across the UK issue statements and social media buzzes with new sightings of clowns the ‘Killer Clown’ craze has gained momentum in recent weeks.
  • Paul Rowley FBCS CITP offers his personal views on what General Data Protection Regulations (GDPR) will mean for businesses and how organisations can ensure they prosper as the UK renegotiates its place in Europe.
  • What challenges will the UK’s renegotiation of it place in Europe present to entrepreneurs? The BCS editorial team asks Ben Shorrock, Digital Tech Sector Specialist for Invest Bristol & Bath
  • Labour’s Annual Conference takes place every autumn and is one of largest and most high profile political events in Europe. The 2016 conference took place in Liverpool.
  • Brian Runciman
    In 2015 the internet of things (IoT) was right at the top of Gartner’s Hype Cycle ‘peak of inflated expectations’. A sort of ‘all mouth and trousers’ position. But things move fast in IT.
  • Following the recent submission of the Wachter report, Martin Cooper AMBCS looks at digital health’s past, present and future.

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