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    Win a copy of Information Security Management Principles and Information Risk Management
  • Paul Fletcher
    To conflate a recent Martha Lane Fox quote with a famous Winston Churchill speech - never has a tool given so much to so many for so little effort. Of course, Lane Fox was referring to the internet.
  • March 2015 saw news that a new online system through which farmers could claim EU subsidies (or ‘Rural Payments’) had been suspended. Farmers were told to revert to submitting claims on paper. Computer Weekly had really good coverage of this.
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    'A great read for every manager and leader embarking on an Agile journey.'
  • Chris Yapp Blog Avatar
    Recently, I’ve been involved in a number of initiatives around future skill needs. Trying to define ICT skills in the context of finance, retail or professional services for instance is far from a trivial task.
  • As we start to see real-world examples of the internet of things, based on mass produced, low-cost technology it raises an interesting topic, at what point does technology become disposable? Gareth Baxendale FBCS CITP asks.
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    Following the launch event for our Agile Foundations book, these questions focus on the benefits of understanding all agile frameworks and dealing with shared resources.
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    I’m a business analyst, and I see a lot of adverts for agile BAs, what defines their role?
  • Pile of books
    This book is very closed aligned to the BCS certification. Does the industry need another certification?
  • A presentation by Alison Hood and Grace Beardsley of the National Audit Office at a recent PROMSG meeting in London reported that in decade 2002-2011, 75 per cent of government projects were completed late, over budget or did not deliver the benefits expected. This was not exactly a surprise here at Project Eye HQ.

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