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  • Karen Manning
    Win a set of books every aspiring BA should have on their shelves!
  • Serial BCS author, James Cadle
  • Over recent years, the technology world has changed beyond recognition.
  • On Wednesday the IT world tuned in to watch Apple CEO Tim Cook announce the new iPhones and the all the Apple Watch. What many people didn’t realise at the same time was that an old warhorse of Apple for many years was silently being put down. The iPod Classic.
  • Chris Yapp Blog Avatar
    For obvious reasons, opinion polls are much in the news. Each move is represented as a surge, lurch, collapse or some dramatic term in the media. Occasionally the caveat 'don’t read too much into one result' is churned out after evidence that the writer or commentator has done exactly that.
  • Gareth Baxendale CITP FBCS looks at the 45-year-old TCP/IP, some of its attendant problems and a potential replacement.
  • As an ‘ice-breaker’ at a recent PROMSG higher education-oriented workshop groups were asked to categorise project management skills that were innate, acquired by practice or through teaching.
  • John Morris Blog Avatar
    How to combine iteration with waterfall developments to manage the unplannable aspects of data migrations.
  • I really couldn't decide whether to call this article 'WiFi-Enabled Cows' or 'Ubiquitous Computing' so I went with both for the benefit of humor and technology...writes Gareth Baxendale CITP FBCS.
  • Any business seeking to do gain customers from their website will be relying on Google to supply some of their customer traffic. If you're one of those businesses, one of the worst nightmares imaginable is being targeted by a Google penalty.

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