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  • When responsibility for PRINCE2 and the remainder of what was the OGC PPM (project & portfolio management) suite of qualifications was transferred to the new commercial entity AXELOS (owned 51 per cent by Capita and 49 per cent by the Cabinet Office), government sources estimated that it would generate revenues for the taxpayer of £500 million over ten years.
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    Knowledge management is my favourite IT Service Management process. 'Why?' I hear you ask...
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    I had the opportunity to read and review the book 'Leading Digital' by George Westerman, Didier Bonnet & Andrew McAfee, and as you might guess from the review score, I thought it was an excellent book. However, there's nothing quite like putting something into practice to get a real feel for it, and I was able to do just that on a couple of recent occasions. Read on for highlights...
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    Yesterday I was listening to radio discussions on the UK’s productivity challenges while driving to a meeting. Over a 20 mile journey I noticed one interesting trend which I believe challenges the notion of ever increasing automation.
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    We’d like to know which business book(s) you’ve read recently, and why...
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    Can you centralise your IT asset management estate?
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    Back in 2010 I wrote on this blog about my growing concerns over Energy Security and the impact on underlying projections of IT futures. A recent report has suggested that on current trends the internet in the UK will have to be rationed or the whole of UK energy output will be consumed by 2035 by the digital economy.
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    Last month, I helped coordinate a BCS London seminar about the role of IT in the airport and air travel industry, and as you might imagine it proved a very popular topic, complete with sold out venue and four expert IT practitioners from one of the world's busiest hub airport. Read on for highlights...
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    An EU Digital Single Market has been in the works for years and just this week the European Commission announced details of their strategy for making it a reality.
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    The definition of service and its purpose using a paint tin analogy.

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