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  • People Looking At Screen
    London mayoral candidate David Lammy MP said in June this year that changing the schedule for adult education courses and reviving night schools would have a large and beneficial impact on adult skills and work opportunities.
  • People Looking At Screen
    As the UK’s class of 2015 GCSE students discover their exam results this week, how many will have the digital skills needed to cope with the changing demands of the work environment?
  • People Looking At Screen
    A recent BCS press release has once again highlighted the vital role digital literacy plays in society. In the July article, Jon Buttriss, CEO of BCS L&D, makes a clear point: ‘The internet is materially embedded in all aspects of daily life and as a result there is an unprecedented requirement for people of all ages to have digital literacy skills.’
  • Chris Yapp Blog Avatar
    What is the status of Moore’s Law? In a recent analysts call, Intel CEO Brian Krzanich stated that the timescales were moving from 2 to 2.5 years for the doubling called for by the ‘law’. In fact back in 1965 the original was one year and revised to two in 1975. So, one thing it isn’t on a par with is relativity or gravity.
  • A report - rather confusingly called System Error - from the Institute for Government (IFG) in 2011 had considerable influence on UK government IT strategy. The boffins at IFG argued that the cure for the ills of government IT development was to embrace both an agile approach and also the concept of common platforms.
  • 75 per cent of software asset management (SAM) professionals think that there is a SAM skills gap, according to a recent event.
  • Wind tunnels have been used to determine ways to reduce the power required to move a vehicle at a given speed. In these studies, the interaction between the road and the vehicle plays a significant role, and this interaction must be taken into consideration when interpreting the test results, writes enterprise architect Carl Allen CEng FBCS CITP, who took these principles and applied them to the agile approach of building software systems.
  • ‘The IT industry as we know it is dying. If you don’t disrupt as a CIO, you will be disrupted.’ Just one of the key points for me that came out of the Leaders for Change breakfast briefing on 5 June, writes Eve McTighe-Crew of BCS.
  • Chris Yapp Blog Avatar
    It is one of the truisms of our times that no organisation is being left untouched by the march of digital technologies and platforms. Organisations can be undermined by new business models from so many different directions that keeping up with the seemingly endless possibilities is a significant headache for us all, as well as offering new potential.
  • Project Eye's colleagues in PROMSG - that's the BCS Project Management Specialist Group - are always keen to attract presentations that describe real projects. In May they persuaded Kieran Fitsall of Westminster City Council to talk about an innovative project to put sensors in all the on-road parking spaces in Westminster.

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