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  • Tata Consultancy Services explores why leveraging effective data management is key to creating value in a data-driven economy.
  • Chris Yapp Blog Avatar
    One of Peter Drucker’s important insights into the barriers and opportunities for innovation was to look for the unexpected, be it good or bad. As humans we have a strong tendency to ignore or reject evidence that jars with or contradicts our world view.
  • Brian Runciman
    Been ill lately? Embedding technology properly in health services is not only important, but can impact us personally. Yet, the abbreviation NPfIT struck fear into people for years...
  • David Evans
    Bob Wachter - a leading physician from the USA - is today presenting his recommendations for the digital future of the NHS in England.
  • Ben Shorrock, Digital Tech Sector Specialist for Invest Bristol & Bath, tells Justin Richards MBCS why successful start-ups don’t just happen by accident.
  • Jude Umeh Blog Avatar
    When it comes to tech entrepreneurship, a good intellectual property (IP) strategy will often play a critical role in the difference between unbridled success versus failure-inducing infringement lawsuits.
  • Hannah Rudman
    Chris Yapp introduces guest blogger Hannah Rudman FBCS @hannahrudman, a Digital Transformation expert, who discusses the tension between the digital and the human - dystopias and utopias and the impacts on our inner lives and society.
  • Jason Budge
    As a teacher and parent I believe there is an urgent need to improve digital literacy in primary schools, providing children with a benchmark of key skills prior to secondary school.
  • Kate Russell
    It is a sad fact of life today that while women make up around 46% of the UK workforce, they are extremely poorly represented in the STEM professions - in other words science, technology, engineering and mathematics.
  • At capgemini we have long been committed to nurturing young talent and a key part of that is offering a Digital Apprenticeship programme enabling young people to build both the academic and practical skills necessary for success in the tech sector, while also helping to create the talent needed to boost the UK’s digital economy.

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