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  • The microservices architecture style took the enterprise software world by storm in the past few years, writes Chamal Nanayakkara.
  • A recent discussion on the BCS Voices site has been tackling whether re-skilling staff is better than recruiting – and, to confess, it was me that started the conversation and I like slightly contentious, perhaps over-confidently definitive, titles. Hence: ‘Reskilling is better than recruiting...’
  • Jude Umeh Blog Avatar
    The next instalment of one of my favourite conferences on copyright and technology is right around the corner, on January 24 in NYC, and as usual it promises some interesting: debate, controversy and hot-off-the-press insights into the murky world of copyright business, technology, and legislation.
  • Michael Saunby MBCS CEng looks at the programming skills demanded by 21st century life, points to some excellent resources and quotes Professor Brian Cox.
  • One of the first discussions to take off in the new BCS Voices area is around our smart-phone and app-enabled predilection to swap details about ourselves for ‘free’ services.
  • When you come to build your website, or any website for that matter, which one is better? Should you use a framework you’ve built yourself from scratch so that you know it inside out, or should you use one of the many different web development frameworks out there to help ease the process and speed up the development time you spend whilst building your next website? Christopher S. East MBCS explores the issues.
  • Chris Yapp Blog Avatar
    Welcome to 2017. 2016 was an interesting year, wasn’t it? The consequences of last year’s decisions on Brexit/Trump may well dominate 2017 and the impact on the IT industry of a retreat from globalisation is an area of much uncertainty.
  • Tom Fuller
    My son starts at secondary school in September 2018, so visiting now feels keen to say the least, however I'm feeling somewhat reassured that my taxes are being well spent and we'll take him for next year's visit knowing that he will be very excited by the digital music studio, the IT equipment, the robotics etc. He shares my geek genes for better or for worse.
  • Do you dream of being your own boss but worry you don’t have the skills or experience? Don’t worry. Dave Chaplin, CEO and founder of Contractor Calculator, dispels contracting’s biggest myths.
  • The greatness of BCS is in the breadth of its membership and, while I cannot claim to have met all 70 odd thousand of you, those I have met have strong and interesting views. We want to get, and use, more of them.

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