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  • As human error seems to be at the root of many a security breach, should organisations be doing more to ensure their workforce is super cyber-savvy?
  • Karen Manning
    ‘Turns out meeting new people is a lot more complicated than I’d originally thought.’ Maurice Moss
  • UAT training specialist, Pauline van Goethem
  • When it comes to building talent management strategies, it is often easy to overlook the obvious.
  • Chris Yapp Blog Avatar
    What do you think is the area that advances in ICT will, or should, have the biggest impact on in the next decade? For individuals, I think that health may be the major sector for change, but I would choose smart cities as my ‘next big thing’.
  • Jason Green of Building Zones talks about what it takes to win the BCS IT Industry Award for Network/Infrastructure Project of the Year.
  • Brian Runciman
    I recently hosted a video debate for BCS on the IT skills gap. One of the problems with this sort of subject is that it can engender a we’ve-been-here-before-and-we’ll-be-here-again style sigh.
  • Neil Johnston, Group Technical Operations Director, iomart, who were highly commended for their software-defined data centre in the BCS IT Awards, explains their next generation cloud services.
  • Brian Runciman
    It’s not often that Seinfeld and first person shooter (FPS) video games come together, but they do when looking at the uses of anxiety induction in virtual environments.
  • Project Eye likes to collect all-purpose profound statements that can be dropped into a project-related discussion at key moments. It is important that the profound statement should sound good, but also be essentially meaningless, as this makes arguing against it difficult if not impossible.

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