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  • Big Ben
    The new Data Protection Bill is currently working its way through Parliament, promising to write some hugely significant principles about personal data into legislation. However, a recent poll commissioned by BCS suggests some of the plans in the Bill may be worryingly out of step with public thinking.
  • For four days at the end of September, writes Richard Lester, BCS was at ‘New Scientist Live’ in London, flying the flag for the IT and digital stars across science, technology and engineering - the people who make modern life possible and future dreams a reality.
  • Help to shape the future of the health and care informatics profession and support fellow professionals as they progress through their careers.
  • Chris Yapp Blog Avatar
    Sitting in a traffic jam, watching the lights turn to red, Chris Yapp wonders how much research will be needed before artificial intelligence can drive like human
  • Anuradha Udunuwara explains the differences between the terms ‘automation’ and ‘orchestration’ to help alleviate some of the recent confusion that’s been seen in the telecom arena.
  • Kavita Kapoor MBCS explains why she thinks India needs easy access to the BBC Micro:bit.
  • We have more ideas from you good folks to making IT good... from using advertising methods to shame people into being green to reimagining how children can be taught with elearning.
  • Brian Runciman
    As part of the year-long BCS 60th anniversary celebrations I had the privilege, on September 21st, of presenting the BCS’s new art award.
  • Christopher East, MBCS takes us through some simple steps to help protect your network.
  • Chris Yapp Blog Avatar
    There has been a long-term trend of turning services into self-service and allowing the user to drive the process in many parts of the economy.

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