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  • ‘The IT industry as we know it is dying. If you don’t disrupt as a CIO, you will be disrupted.’ Just one of the key points for me that came out of the Leaders for Change breakfast briefing on 5 June, writes Eve McTighe-Crew of BCS.
  • Chris Yapp Blog Avatar
    It is one of the truisms of our times that no organisation is being left untouched by the march of digital technologies and platforms. Organisations can be undermined by new business models from so many different directions that keeping up with the seemingly endless possibilities is a significant headache for us all, as well as offering new potential.
  • Project Eye's colleagues in PROMSG - that's the BCS Project Management Specialist Group - are always keen to attract presentations that describe real projects. In May they persuaded Kieran Fitsall of Westminster City Council to talk about an innovative project to put sensors in all the on-road parking spaces in Westminster.
  • Chris Yapp Blog Avatar
    The technology world has lost one its most colourful characters with the death after a short battle with cancer of Caspar Bowden. He was one of the most insightful and passionate advocates of privacy in the digital world.
  • Paul Fletcher
    Now the dust has started to settle after the general election, we are ramping up our efforts to make IT better for society - from key events, to briefing government.
  • David Evans
    I’ve long felt that how we deal with personal data will be the defining evolution of citizenship for our age; an issue in need of a Magna Carta moment. It’s easy to say such things, as they are difficult to prove or dispute.
  • Brian Runciman
    September ITNOW is asking whether the concept of an IT department is dead (or dying) and we want to pepper some quotes through it from those who work in such teams now (anonymously of course).
  • Pile of books
    The kind of expectation you get from buying a new car seems not to apply to new software installations.
  • ITSM Blog Avatar
    Recently I participated in a video discussion with Stuart Rance and Barclay Rae as to whether or not Incident management had any value to an organisation.
  • Chris Yapp Blog Avatar
    When I joined the computing industry (supply side) back in 1980, life was reasonably straight forward (on one level at least). You were either in mainframes or minicomputers. Those pesky toy personal computers arrived shortly afterwards.

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