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  • Data goes on holiday

    Brian Runciman14th Jul 2016

    What are the issues around personal data and the reality of cross-sector information sharing? On 9 June BCS hosted its latest IT Impact event on this very subject. [Read more]

  • Personal Data 1976-2016: RIP

    Brian Runciman2nd Mar 2016

    The March 1976 issue of BCS’s Computer Bulletin could have had its main article beamed back from 2016: ‘Computers and privacy.’ [Read more]

  • Try before you buy, hedgehogs and word bingo

    Brian Runciman18th Nov 2015

    I attended a new type of BCS event last week, and it covered a very important subject - bang in line with BCS's stated aim of making IT good for society. [Read more]

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