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  • Do you love or hate your IT department?

    Brian Runciman3rd Jul 2015

    September ITNOW is asking whether the concept of an IT department is dead (or dying) and we want to pepper some quotes through it from those who work in such teams now (anonymously of course). [Read more]

  • What is a reasonable endeavour in an SLA?

    18th Jun 2015

    A term used again and again where service levels cannot be agreed is ‘reasonable endeavours’. ITIL expert Simon Cook MBCS CITP asks what it means. [Read more]

  • Ethernet at a dinner party

    1st Jun 2015

    Technology today relies on reliable and fast connectivity especially in support of the internet of things and it's perhaps easy to forget the humble beginnings that led us to our highly connected world. Gareth Baxendale FBCS CITP looks at the humble origins of Ethernet. [Read more]

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