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  • IBM 1401 gives birth...aah

    Brian Runciman3rd Jul 2013

    In September 1963 The Computer Bulletin ran a rather whimsical birth announcement: offspring for an IBM 1401 in the form of one million new Swedish surnames. [Read more]

  • Wearable tech: from Dick Tracy to Glass

    18th Jun 2013

    Wearable computing is well on its way to being the next big technology trend, and it’s potentially a huge game changer, perhaps the biggest in mobile tech since smartphones entered the mainstream. Matt Powell, the editor of Broadband Genie, explains more in a guest post for BCS. [Read more]

  • Elite: Dangerous

    Henry Tucker23rd Jan 2013

    All those gamers of a certain vintage will be pleased to hear that one of the seminal games of the 1980s will soon return to our PCs bigger and better; Elite. [Read more]

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