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  • Fully immersive gaming

    Henry Tucker12th Jan 2015

    The quality of video game graphics progresses at an astounding rate. Year-on-year they get better and better. However, although the likes of EA will say you’re ‘In The Game’, you aren’t really. Not yet anyway. [Read more]

  • CES 2015, from useless to utility, your call!

    Brian Runciman9th Jan 2015

    Here are some things that caught my less than photographic eye at CES 2015, but you'll get the gist. Are they useless or do they have utility? Your call. [Read more]

  • Sexist minefield

    Brian Runciman8th Jan 2015

    Is it sad that whilst I'm at CES 2015 recent BCS campaigns keep coming into my mind? [Read more]

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