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  • Better, safer, care - and less expensive!

    Brian Runciman13th Sep 2016

    Been ill lately? Embedding technology properly in health services is not only important, but can impact us personally. Yet, the abbreviation NPfIT struck fear into people for years... [Read more]

  • Data goes on holiday

    Brian Runciman14th Jul 2016

    What are the issues around personal data and the reality of cross-sector information sharing? On 9 June BCS hosted its latest IT Impact event on this very subject. [Read more]

  • Personal Data 1976-2016: RIP

    Brian Runciman2nd Mar 2016

    The March 1976 issue of BCS’s Computer Bulletin could have had its main article beamed back from 2016: ‘Computers and privacy.’ [Read more]

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