About CITP 

The CITP standard has been developed in consultation with public and private sector employers and the academic community, to truly reflect today’s IT profession.
  • Overview

    Aligned with The Skills Framework for the Information Age (SFIA), the UK Government backed competency framework, CITP is the benchmark of IT excellence.

    Holding CITP status reflects your integrity, professionalism and dedication to your work. Your status will be recognised in a formal listing of Chartered IT Professionals on a register available to potential clients and employers on the BCS website.

    View a member case study for more details about the benefits of CITP status.

  • Experience required

    The scope of IT is very broad and applicants for CITP may be involved in a wide variety of roles.

    Successful candidates for CITP will have spent 3 of the past 5 years working in roles demanding skills equivalent to SFIA Level 5 which carry significant responsibility, full accountability and presenting a challenging range of complex work activities.

    Take a look the CITP Assessment Criteria for more details.

  • Am I ready?

    To help you decide whether are ready for CITP status, we have put together a couple of short interactive tests (the results of which are for your use only and will not be sent to us).

    If you are not yet ready for CITP status, you can still take advantage of the many career and professional development opportunities available through BCS membership.

  • Fees

    Existing BCS members: You will need to pay an application fee. The CITP membership subscription will be payable on your normal membership renewal date after you have been successful in achieving CITP status.

    Non members: If you are not a member of BCS you will need to pay a CITP membership subscription as well as an application fee.


    Application Fee: The CITP application fee will be refunded only if BCS is not able to obtain reports from your supporters or your application is not successful at the Initial Review stage.

    The application fee is not refundable if you withdraw your application, if your application is deferred because you do not supply enough information or you do not complete the application process within the required timeframes as set out by BCS.

    Membership Subscription Fee: Refunds will be made to non members if your CITP application is unsuccessful. The refund will be for the difference between the Chartered membership subscription fee and the fee for the grade awarded.

    Details of current application fees and membership subscriptions