Lessons from Experience in test automation

When: 9th Jun 2011, 18:00 - 9th Jun 2011, 20:30
Where: John Dalton Building, Oxford Road (All Saints Campus), Manchester Metropolitan University. M15 6BH
Town/City: Manchester
Organiser: Manchester Branch & Quality SG
Price: Free

This free event is open to everyone and is a joint event between BCS Manchester Branch and BCS Quality Specialist Group.

"Lessons from Experience in test automation" Dorothy Graham and Mark Fewster

What is happening now in test automation? What lessons have been learned from recent experiences that can be applied and carried forward, and what good ideas have been developed that we can benefit from both now and in the future?

In this presentation, we extract the most important lessons learnt and the best ideas from the experiences of many people from diverse industries, based on our recently published (or soon to be published) book of case studies in test automation.

Many of the case studies have been very successful, but others have struggled to achieve their objectives. Some have succeeded technically, yet their efforts have come to nothing as the automation was discontinued or killed (often manslaughter rather than murder, but the automation is still dead).

By drawing out the common threads of both success and failure, we give a set of guidelines that can help ensure greater success in test automation in the future.

This presentation is based on material from our new book "Experiences in Test Automation", to be published in 2011.

Dorothy Graham is an internationally renowned consultant, co-author (of 4 books) and speaker. She was involved in starting testing qualifications at Foundation level, was programme chair for the EuroStar conference in 1993 and 2009, and holds the European Excellence Award in Software Testing.

Mark Fewster has 30 years of experience in software testing, specialising in the areas of testing techniques and test automation, and pioneered good automation at his former company. At Grove Consultants, Mark provides consultancy and training in software testing. He is co-author 2 books on automation (with Dot), and is a popular speaker at national and international conferences and seminars, winning the BTO award in 2006 for his talk on automation.


6.00pm Welcome refreshments (sandwiches and tea/coffee)
6.30pm Start and introduction
8.00pm Questions and discussion
8.30pm Finish