About BCS Council

Council is a representative body of the membership that advises the Trustee Board on the direction and operation of the Institute.

It also has a constitutional role in electing the Honorary Officers and representatives to the Trustee Board. It comprises elected members, as well as the President, the Deputy President, the Vice-Presidents, the immediate past President, the past President and the Chief Executive. The elected members comprise:

  • 5 elected by the regional constituency
  • 2 elected by the international constituency
  • 5 elected by the Specialist Groups constituency
  • 3 elected by the young professionals constituency 
  • 12 elected by the Professional Membership

All paid up members of the Institute are eligible for election (i.e. all Students, AMBCS, Companions, MBCS and FBCS including Distinguished and Honorary Fellows).

Terms of office for Council members are for three years, unless filling a casual vacancy in which case it is to the end of the original term in respect of which the vacancy arose. Terms of office start at the first Council meeting after the Institute's AGM.

Council meets four times a year. The Council Chair (and Vice-Chair) is responsible for the running of Council. The Chair and Vice-Chair are elected by and from the elected members of Council. It is a sizeable influential body.

A list of all current Council members is available

If you have any further queries regarding Council, please contact:

Council Secretary
BCS, The Chartered Institute for IT
Email: counciladmin@bcs.uk