Network Engineer

Network cables

This Level 4 apprenticeship is typically 24 months in duration. This standard is for employers looking to recruit and train people to design, install, maintain and support communication networks within an organisation or between organisations.

Job roles include:

  • Network Technician
  • Network Engineer
  • Systems Engineer
  • Network Administrator


Standard (PDF)
Qualification specification (PDF) 

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Module Number 
Name and
Syllabus Specimen
1 Network Principles
QAN: 603/0548/4
Network Principles syllabus Network Principles specimen paper Network Principles answer key
2 Network Systems and Architecture
QAN: 603/0547/2
Network Systems and Architecture syllabus Network Systems and Architecture specimen paper Network Systems and Architecture answer key
3 Network Security
QAN: 603/0546/0
Network Security syllabus Network Security specimen paper Network Security answer key
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