What is Fed-IP?

Learn more about the Federation for Informatics Professionals, who built it and why it exists.

The Federation for Informatics Professionals (Fed-IP) brings together professional bodies and societies from across the informatics field. Its purpose is to pull communities together, support one another, and build shared professional standards.

Ultimately, its aim is to support health and care through the best use of information and technology.

What is health and care informatics?

Health and care informatics is a multidisciplinary field, drawing together people from across technical and scientific disciplines. Informatics focusses on delivering safe and appropriate health and social care through using technology, tools and - most importantly - data.

Health and care informatics supports all aspects of the health and social care system.

What does Fed-IP do?

The Federation for Informatics Professionals will set and maintain community developed standards for health and social care informatics professionals.

What is Fed-IP’s objective?

The Federation for Informatics Professionals aims to unlock the potential of everyone involved in making health and care the best it can be, harnessing information and technology.

How does Fed-IP achieve its objective?

The Federation for Informatics Professionals gathers people together who share that objective, so that they can work together, share ideas, build standards, develop themselves and each other, and, as a result, deliver in their professional activities what is really needed to achieve that objective.

Who founded Fed-IP?

The Fed-IP founding members are:

  • BCS - The Chartered Institute for IT
  • CILIP - The Library and Information Association
  • IHRIM - The Institute of Health Records and Information Management
  • Socitm - The Society for IT practitioners in the public sector

Alignment with the Faculty of Clinical Informatics

Fed-IP and the Faculty of Clinical Informatics have a shared mission, a collaborative effort never seen before, to build better health care through professionalising and connecting the clinical and non-clinical informatics communities around citizen impact and person-centred care.

Alignment with the NHS Digital Academy

Fed-IP welcomes the development of the NHS Digital Academy and the opportunity that it will bring to growing new leaders from our professional community. Fed-IP and the Faculty of Clinical Informatics will work closely with the NHS Digital Academy to ensure that the leadership programme outcomes are aligned to a community owned set of professional registration standards

How do I join The Federation for Informatics Professionals?

You can sign up to the beliefs and make a professional pledge, and join one of the Fed-IP professional bodies.

Your name will then go on to a pre-register, and you will be part of the community that builds the shared standards.

How much does it cost?

The standard fees for the relevant professional body. At this point there is no charge to go on the pre-register. There will likely be further registration fees as standards are developed, but these will be consulted on.

Given the diversity of potential registrant’s situations and abilities to pay, the fee may vary depending on circumstance.