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  • Machine Learning for clinical trials

    10th Aug 2017

    Could Machine Learning be used to enhance, or even better, improve the success of a clinical trial? Gareth Baxendale FBCS CITP, Head of Technology for the NIHR Clinical Research Network and Vice Chair of the BCS Health and Care Executive, explores the opportunities offered by ML. [Read more]

  • 5G - turn on the radio

    Brian Runciman24th May 2017

    Nokia are all about the connectivity. The handset side, that famously went the way of the dinosaur, was only ever a small part of their business. Their Oulu site calls itself the 'Home of radio', and is abuzz with the potential of 5G. and I recently saw a glimpse of the future... [Read more]

  • Cyber hygiene top tips

    17th May 2017

    David Sutton, a cyber security expert, author and speaker details essential steps users should take if they want to stay safe online. [Read more]

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