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  • 5G - turn on the radio

    Brian Runciman24th May 2017

    Nokia are all about the connectivity. The handset side, that famously went the way of the dinosaur, was only ever a small part of their business. Their Oulu site calls itself the 'Home of radio', and is abuzz with the potential of 5G. and I recently saw a glimpse of the future... [Read more]

  • Cyber hygiene top tips

    17th May 2017

    David Sutton, a cyber security expert, author and speaker details essential steps users should take if they want to stay safe online. [Read more]

  • NHS, ransomware and nuance

    Brian Runciman17th May 2017

    You know the facts: ransomware, the NHS, attack vectors, bitcoin demands... and the more important consideration that real people were really affected by the egregious attack over the weekend. [Read more]

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