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  • Where next for computing in secondary education in England?

    14th Jul 2017

    As you read this, teachers are transforming computing education in secondary schools right across England. The progress they have made is just short of miraculous, testament to their professionalism and commitment, writes Bill Mitchell, Director, BCS Academy of Computing. [Read more]

  • Birth of BCS

    Brian Runciman26th May 2017

    Among the horn-rimmed spectacles and grey haberdashery of post-war Britain rose a technological phoenix. Following on from the wartime computing pioneers that the world didn’t really even find out about until the 2000s, 1957 saw the birth of BCS. [Read more]

  • The Cognitive Era - an overview of cognitive computing

    22nd Mar 2017

    Dr Guru Banavar, VP of Cognitive Computing at IBM Research, gave the 2017 Turing Lecture. Justin Richards MBCS summarises some of the main points... [Read more]

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