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  • Peoplecare 2018

    17th Jan 2018

    BIO IT Manager, David Lightfoot MBCS explains why it is ‘peoplecare’, above all of management’s functions, that is most important in building a successful company. [Read more]

  • BCS at New Scientist Live

    16th Oct 2017

    For four days at the end of September, writes Richard Lester, BCS was at ‘New Scientist Live’ in London, flying the flag for the IT and digital stars across science, technology and engineering - the people who make modern life possible and future dreams a reality. [Read more]

  • The tech behind 'The Panama Papers' could help your business

    30th Aug 2017

    Neo Technology’s CEO Emil Eifrem discusses the unique technology that helped make The Panama Papers exposé possible, and how it could help your business ‘follow the money’. [Read more]

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