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  • Copyright, technology, blockchain and the state of digital piracy

    Jude Umeh16th Jan 2017

    The next instalment of one of my favourite conferences on copyright and technology is right around the corner, on January 24 in NYC, and as usual it promises some interesting: debate, controversy and hot-off-the-press insights into the murky world of copyright business, technology, and legislation. [Read more]

  • Intellectual Property for Startups

    Jude Umeh31st Oct 2016

    A few weeks ago I had the opportunity to participate, as chair & speaker, at a BCS Entrepreneurs event discussing the role and value of Intellectual Property for start-ups and entrepreneurs. As you might imagine this was a well attended event with so many different questions foremost on the minds of various attendees. [Read more]

  • The start-up IP dilemma

    Jude Umeh6th Sep 2016

    When it comes to tech entrepreneurship, a good intellectual property (IP) strategy will often play a critical role in the difference between unbridled success versus failure-inducing infringement lawsuits. [Read more]

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