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  • The c-suite partnership - everybody needs good neighbours

    Digital Leaders10th Apr 2017

    The digital transformation has been accompanied by a shift in purchasing strategy. Non-IT employees are buying their own technology - and this shift is sometimes presented as a threat to the traditional IT department. [Read more]

  • New technology, new skills challenges

    Digital Leaders4th Apr 2017

    The first wave of digital transformation has hit and your business now needs to prepare for a second surge in advanced technology. Organisations that regularly assess their skills base will be best placed to succeed as new systems and services enter the workplace. [Read more]

  • Do you understand what the IT skills gap really means?

    Digital Leaders19th Jul 2016

    A thorough understanding of the capabilities of your technology team has never been more important because all evidence points to the fact that the IT skills gap keeps on growing and is only going to get bigger. [Read more]

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