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  • The ethics of politics and social media is about what happens next

    13th Dec 2017

    When at BCS we started thinking about how the digital world was impacting on politics, it was relatively low-key. We were considering how a public-interest group of digital professionals should interact with the world, and thought we should take an interest in what mattered to wider civil society. We did not imagine it would take us into such a central issue for the future of politics. [Read more]

  • The Diversity in IT 2017 Report

    12th Dec 2017

    Technology is by its very nature a forward-looking sector. The white heat of new inventions and innovations that transform, again and again, the way in which we live our lives. Working in a sector that is at the forefront of human progress is a privilege. [Read more]

  • Evidence needed to set personal data age of consent

    20th Oct 2017

    The new Data Protection Bill is currently working its way through Parliament, promising to write some hugely significant principles about personal data into legislation. However, a recent poll commissioned by BCS suggests some of the plans in the Bill may be worryingly out of step with public thinking. [Read more]

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