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Software Testing: An ISTQB-BCS Certified Tester Foundation guide (3rd edition)The kind of expectation you get from buying a new car seems not to apply to new software installations.

In Chapter one of Software Testing, Peter Morgan explains...

‘If you were buying a new car, you would not expect to take delivery from the showroom with a scratch down the side of the vehicle. The car should have five wheels, a steering wheel, an engine and all the other essential components, and it should come with appropriate documentation, with all pre-sales checks completed and passed satisfactorily. The car you receive should be the car described in the sales literature; it should have the correct engine size, the correct colour scheme, and whatever extras you have ordered, and performance in areas such as fuel consumption and maximum speed should match published figures. In short, a level of expectation is set by brochures, by your experience of sitting in the driving seat, and probably by a test drive. If your expectations are not met you will feel justifiably aggrieved.’

This book explores the fundamentals of the important but neglected discipline of software testing to provide a basis on which a practical and cost-effective software testing regime can be constructed. It is also the only official textbook of the ISTQB-BCS Certified Tester Foundation Level.

Comment below why you would like to own a copy of the book. At noon on Monday 29 June 2015 our Head of Publishing will then select one person to win a copy.

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  • 1
    Collette Curry wrote on 26th Jun 2015

    I'd like this book to give me an insight and assist me in software testing for my studies at university. It will help me to become a better programmer and increase my knowledge greatly.

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  • 2
    Vi wrote on 26th Jun 2015

    I think it is an important part of software engineering and it is good to know more about it.

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  • 3
    Ejike wrote on 29th Jun 2015

    I will like the wisdom from this great book of knowledge to help and assist me in the technical aspects of software testing to become a better software tester / specialty, so as to serve our clients better.

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  • 4
    Ibrahim Kyuka wrote on 29th Jun 2015

    Having programmed in Ruby and used a bit of the testing libraries, I would be glad to integrate the framework to other languages such as python, perl or shell. I'd recommend testing source code for use cases over debugging.

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  • 5
    Mikhail Crooks wrote on 29th Jun 2015

    Continuous self-improvement. Would be able to couple knowledge in this book with my university courses in order to embark on a personal project.

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  • 6
    Opeyemi wrote on 29th Jun 2015

    It's important having a copy of the book so it can inspire and encourage me in buckling up my ability in software programming and analysis both in academics and career wise. It can help me bring out d best in Nigeria and Africa as a whole for programming.

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  • 7
    Ruth Kent wrote on 29th Jun 2015

    I would like a copy to share with my testing colleagues in my Business Change / IT department of the Welsh Government, to help us work better with our IT consultants on our current collaboration IT project

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  • 8
    Wayne ellis wrote on 29th Jun 2015

    I love testing, it's not a job for me it's a lifestyle, but within the company I can see more agile teams, and sometimes it seems testing is in the mind set of the sprint teams, currently I am in the process of making sure it is and need all the help I can get.

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  • 9
    Yaasir Burthub wrote on 29th Jun 2015

    As a student of BCS, I develop several software for my company, this book will help assist me greatly in my software testing thus ensuring a quality software is well delivered to my user.

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  • 10
    Ajay Unni wrote on 29th Jun 2015


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  • 11
    Varuna Seneviratna wrote on 29th Jun 2015

    I want to study testing systematically although I have done testing I haven't studied in detail. After understanding that writing tests is something that you should learn as much as Programming to create successful software I became more interested

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  • 12
    Thusitha Bandara wrote on 29th Jun 2015

    As a trainee software developer there's a chance that my coding could have more bugs than a professional, So to get better at my career it's important to know how to do through testing. That's why i would like to have this book to improve my testing knowledge.

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  • 13
    Jason Krumm wrote on 29th Jun 2015

    I am very interested in this book, I want to learn more about testing.

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  • 14
    Adnan wrote on 29th Jun 2015

    This book will be an starting point for me in learning the depths of Software Testing Process.

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  • 15
    Mark wrote on 29th Jun 2015

    Software engineering depends on a business analyst understanding the business needs and delivering testable requirements and a software tester understanding the requirements and testing that they have been delivered. This book will be invaluable in gaining the knowledge and skills that will enable both roles to work effectively together.

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  • 16
    Viraj Ekanayake wrote on 29th Jun 2015

    Currently I'm working as a Full-Stack Web and Mobile App developer.If I win this book I can improve my knowledge and add value to my applications.As a result I can deliver a great product to my customers.In the other side I'm also a student who studies Software engineering as a subject.Since Software testing is a essential part of a Software Engineering this will helpful to my studies.It will also improve my theoretical and practical knowledge on Software Testing.

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  • 17
    Steven Thomson wrote on 29th Jun 2015

    Being a noob in the Cyber Security field, having knowledge in what makes "good" code vs that which is considered bad, can help in keeping data secure, and this book would expand my knowledge in this area and enable me to apply it to cyber security.

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  • 18
    Yaasir Burthun wrote on 29th Jun 2015

    I'm a student at BCS and an employee, I really need this book. This is because, I developed mini software for my company to facilitate the life of a user. This with the help of this book, this will help me greatly in testing and therefore delivering a high end quality software. Also I would get a self satisfaction when I see those person using my software which is well tested and working at 100 %.
    Let's hope for the best.

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  • 19
    Ben Wagner wrote on 29th Jun 2015

    To test it...

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  • 20
    James Harvey wrote on 29th Jun 2015

    As an Agile evangelist, I feel we spend so much time making sure development practices are in order that the testing element is often overlooked. Having recently started to champion the BCS Agile syllabus, I'd relish the opportunity to learn more about the BCS approach to testing also.

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  • 21
    Richard Grey wrote on 29th Jun 2015

    Because I'd really like to learn how to test the software I develop the right way!

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  • 22
    C Hui wrote on 29th Jun 2015

    Would be a useful point of reference considering different projects will have some unique testing needs.

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  • 23
    Samantha Ahern wrote on 29th Jun 2015

    I want to win because I could use it to improve my practice and to feed into programming courses I teach to improve community practice

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  • 24
    BCS Publishing wrote on 29th Jun 2015

    Congratulations to James Harvey whose comment was selected to win a copy of the Software Testing book.

    And thank you to everyone who took part.

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