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Swapnil AgarwalSwapnil Agarwal, Managing Director of Add-On Training, India, talks about his journey with BCS to become a training provider and attain BCS Partner status.

As part of my professional development, I attended a number of local instructor-led training courses over the years. I was always disappointed with the quality of training, not just in the structure of the course curriculum, but also the knowledge of the trainers.

Training is a significant investment for anyone, whether your employer pays or you are self-funding, and value for money needs to be one of the key objectives, along with exceptional skills development.

I am passionate about sharing my expertise, and felt that I could improve on the training services available in India. So, I started my journey to create a Business Analysis Centre of Excellence in Pune.

Finding the right provider

I explored the selection of International certifications and found the only certification available in India, the IIBA-CBAP, didn’t suit my objectives. Then I discovered the Business Analysis certification through BCS. With over 70,000 analysts certified through BCS globally, it has a straightforward structure and importantly, offers life time certification.

I was surprised to find out there weren’t any BCS accredited training providers in India at that time. I saw this as an opportunity to offer other professionals the chance to progress their career through BCS certification and membership. It was a steep learning curve, but with the help and support of BCS, I succeeded in achieving my aim and launched Add-On Training in 2012.

Standing out with BCS Accreditation

Add-On began by initially offering training for the Foundation Certificate in Business Analysis. We have since extended our portfolio to include the Practitioner Certificate in Requirement Engineering, and more recently AGILE certification.

With guidance and assistance from BCS, we are able to structure our training courses to make our offering stand out in India. Our interactive sessions create a positive learning environment and we encourage our candidates to connect through online chat forums, during and after the course. Here, and in the classroom, they can share their experience and discuss opportunities in the market.

I am delighted to say that we are in our fourth year as a BCS Accredited Training Organisation.

Our future plans with BCS

Using our own market insight and with direction from BCS, we plan to expand our portfolio further to include the Diploma in Business Analysis. This will be a valuable addition to the professional development of the analysts we already work with, and encourage new customers who are looking for a higher-level certification.

We are also in the process of developing an online training facility for remote delegates, to increase our geographical reach and provide that key value for money objective I set out to achieve. This has been made possible through the support, expertise and guidance of BCS.

Our commitment to promoting the benefits of professional certification, along with our work in the Asian BA community, has been recognised by BCS and we have now achieved BCS Partner status, the first to be solely operating in India. Being part of the BCS Partner network will enable Add-On to have a say in the BCS Business Analysis certification portfolio going forwards and to work within the network for the benefit our customers.

Throughout my journey from IT professional to BCS Partner, I have received continual support from BCS and the whole experience has been very positive, for me personally, as well as my business. I am looking forward to working with BCS in the future to make IT good for society.

Find out more about the BCS Partner Programme

Swapnil Agarwal, MD of Add-On Training Services, is the first BCS Accredited Business Analysis and Agile provider in India. Swapnil has a wealth of knowledge and experience in the IT Industry.

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