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We recently sent a survey out to around 30,000 of you asking for your views on the products and services that you receive as part of your BCS membership. Now we all know that we’re here as a chartered institute to make IT good for society - if you’re not sure go read our royal charter - but we're a professional body and recognise that some of you want something tangible for your contribution.

The response we received was reasonable. 7% of the 30,000 responded, which for a survey is above average, but we want more interaction. We had responses from across the world, from people of all demographics, some good things, some bad things, plenty of food for thought. We’ve spent the last couple of weeks analysing those results and can share some of those findings with you.

Ultimately the aim of the survey was to enable us to improve the set of services that you get from membership. There are some that we’re confident in the concept of, but that need a bit of TLC; others you’ve told us are in need of substantial review. And then there are those that we might as well not bother with.

So what did you tell us that we really need to do better with? Well, sadly for me personally as I worked on the tail end of the project, the Career Mentoring Network (CMN) was ranked lowest for satisfaction with a mean score of just over 6/10, but also low for awareness. Some verbatim comments supported CMN as a concept but you told us straight: it needs to be better. Also ranking near the bottom were BCSrecruit, and we’re reviewing our whole approach to the recruitment site at the moment; the BCS members-only LinkedIn group (“The LinkedIn group doesn't seem very structured / disciplined.” and “The BCS LinkedIn forum contains a lot of responses that are less than useful.”); and the Personal Development Plan (PDP), another tool which has potential but in need of a major review.

But happily there are some things you think we do well. The new IT Impacts events were rated highly and we’re continuing to deliver these for the rest of the year. If you’re not familiar with them you can watch some highlights, or view the video below.

You also like the professional indemnity insurance that we offer, or should I say that Minories Partnership and Insurance2day offer. Then there was BCS Voices, our new initiative to connect people and discussions, which has been in limited pilot so far; we’ll have more to say on this very soon. And finally, our content, which rated very well. Improving the discoverability of this great content is high on our to do list.

Next steps then. Well we’re digesting that feedback and looking at the resource needed to embark on the improvements. Once we’ve road mapped items out we’ll look to share that. Alongside this are a number of other projects, the introduction of a new CRM system and the investigation stages of a CMS project. We obviously have plenty to do and need your feedback and thoughts. There are a number of things that we’re working on and I’ll provide an update with those soon.

I’m looking for this to be a two way thing so we’re open to comments below or for you to email the team directly on, and though I can’t promise we’ll respond to all emails (there’s over 70,000 of you!), I can guarantee that we’ll read them. Finally, whilst we won’t agree on everything I hope that we can at least have an open dialogue about the work we’re doing to improve membership. That, after all, is why we’re here.

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    Esau Mbewe wrote on 5th Sep 2016

    I have carefully, read through this email sent to me, according to my over view and analysis BCS you have a listening ear to your customers. Definitely we will soon see drastic improvement in some areas, keep it up_ yours member. I'm proud to be a BCS member. as I 'm seriously looking forward to settle my membership bills. I delayed because I received my results late. thanks.

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