Application and assessment process 

The online application and assessment process enables you to demonstrate your skills and experience through peer assessment.
  • Application (initial review)

    Using our online application system, you will provide evidence of working in IT and computing roles which involve a range of challenging and complex work activities where you've had full accountability and significant responsibility. You will need to submit:

    • Your current CV / resume
    • A personal statement detailing your experience against the criteria set out in the CITP standard within the areas of autonomy, influence, complexity of work, business skills and breadth of knowledge - find out more in our guidance document. You may wish to use our personal statement template to prepare your statement ahead of your application. (The online application allows up to 3000 characters for the breadth of knowledge section, and the other four sections 2000 characters).
    • Details of one or more supporters who’ll be asked to review your personal statement before confirming their support for your application. They can be your employer, a client or a colleague (working at your level or above), and must be sufficiently familiar with your work to have a reliable opinion of your competence. University / college tutors and family members are not accepted as supporters. Please get your supporters’ permission before providing their details.
    • Credit or debit card payment

    Our CITP assessors will review your application on receipt, and throughout the process you’ll be able to log in to track the progress of your application online.

  • Assessment interview

    You will provide a short presentation and speak for about 10 minutes, using examples from work for which you have been personally responsible to demonstrate your professional competence in your area of IT specialism.

    You will be interviewed by 2 assessors, at least one of whom will have knowledge and experience of your specialism, and the presentation and interview will last around 45 minutes. The process will be carried out online using conferencing software and secure document portals.

    After progressing to this stage, you are given six months to undertake your interview.

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