Why Businesses Need IoT - Now! 

When: 27th Sep 2017, 18:30 - 27th Sep 2017, 20:00
Where: 6th Form Common Room, St Joseph's Catholic College, Swindon
Town/City: Swindon
Organiser: BCS Wiltshire Branch
Further Information: Further Information

Speaker: Steve Cutler


The Internet of Things concept has been heavily promoted by many companies for the last few years. Given IoT is a very wide ranging and general idea, Steve will start by looking at his concept for IoT in more detail to set a baseline for subsequent thoughts about how it can enhance business operations. He’ll then look at a few real world examples and the actual business benefits delivered to those companies which have implemented these solutions. This will then help the audience think about their existing types of business to identify opportunities where an IoT type solution could bring useful benefit. He'll take a look at some of the technical aspects, such as appropriate radio technologies, in a little more detail to enable sensible decision making. Finally, Steve will touch on the important issue of doing something meaningful with the data any particular solution is going to generate including the merits of different storage solutions, including cloud options, and the visualisation and analysis of that data.

Steve spent 30 years with Intel Corporation (UK) Ltd in a variety of roles; the majority of which focussed on embedded hardware and software which of course we like to call 'Internet of Things' today. Steve helped deliver multiple projects where customers requested Intel to design them a partial or complete product and provided design support to customers wishing to do their own design work. In early 2016 Steve left Intel and joined IoTechnics Ltd as a startup. IoTechnics continues the theme of offering design services to companies wanting to enhance their business with the wide range of benefits that the 'Internet of Things' can offer.